Mid-day report ( 7th Oct)

The markets opened again this morning within range and near value of the previous day. always an indication that not much changed in terms of the way buyers and sellers loook at the market.

So we have a day like yesterday, capped at 6225 to the upside and 6194 to the downside.

The BN has stayed below value all day, which is a rarity. 12635 was broken down by a big seller, but has been reclaimed since.

6225 in the Nifty and 12690 in the BN can give the market some upside momentum beyond which 6248 and 12750 are back in play.

For the downside, watch 6185 and 6160 in the Nifty and 12735 and 12700 in BN.

Play the range in between.