Monday : Pre Market

Hello All,

Back to my desk now after some Easter Festivities and looking forward to an eventful week in the markets.

I tried uploading a post on Saturday on “Mind Over Markets”, but it was taken down later by the admin here, as the layout was not fitting in the blog structure. So my apologies if you had a blank page greeting you over the weekend.

The high note of thursday’s sesssion was the total absence of the seller from the market.Hence bulls were able to drift the market higher.

SGX Nifty is pointing to an open around 5340 levels in the futures, which are prior highs.Expect some consolidation and a tight range in the morning session.

A break of 5312 on the downside should put Value Area Low into play.

Here’s the chart:

Chartofniftyj0 Nsf Monday : Pre Market