NAV Management continues.

Here is a profile chart taken at 11.00 am this morning.

Nifty Apr Nav Management Continues.

The chart is that of the Nifty April future :

Point 1 : is the buying prints from the volume point of control of the previous day.We saw a similar buying print from 5710 in the march future yesterday.

Point 2
: Responsive seller of yesterday afternoon, clearly taken out this morning. As a rule, initiative activity is stronger than responsive activity

Point 3 :Buying prints from yesterday’s session which took the market up.

For later today : : The market has reached the HVN of 5805 in the march futures today. The 5700 call recommended here at 20/- on Friday is now worth over a 100/-.

5837 NF and 5820 NF are creating the action now in April futures and a sustained move above 5837 should bring 5867 later.Those single prints hold the key to the day.