Nifty Daily change based on weekday

Here's an update to a post we did back in december which shows the bias for a particular day of the week and the net change for that day.


It's just a stat and the idea is to see if there is any advantage in approaching any day of the week with a fixed bias.


The last post on the subject is here :


Here is a continuation of the same with data from the 1st week of december to the close of trading on friday- 3rd May.


Day of week based change :


Dayofweekchange 0 Nifty Daily Change Based On Weekday


Ever since this rally began from 5500 levels, we have mostly seen a positive Monday, a flat tuesday, data is absent on wednesdays owing to holidays falling on that day twice, up thursday and a down friday.


This is data only for the rally from 5500 levels .


Even otherwise thursday seems to be holding a bigger positive bias than other days.