Nifty Future Inside day

We had an inside day in the NF yesterday.


Per the theory of Inside day breakouts we are tracking a clean break of value and range should set up a 50 point move.


Let's look at reference levels to initiate the trade.



2 Day Plot Nifty Future Inside Day


In the chart above 6036 is the upper extension of the 2 day vwap and the green lines are the value areas.


The blue line running across the day dpoc.



With the vwap and dpoc for the 2 day auction at 6014 the market will be balanced exactly at that point. The upper region to get a breakout if 6036 and the lower point is 5991. We had a move to 6038 at the open which has come back to the centre line at 6014 so far.


Play the break for a new trade with SL around 6014 with 7 points of filter.