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Here is the updated chart of the Nifty futures.


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Mp 31 Nifty Profile


The market stalled at the HVN of 5117-20 today preferring to trade on either side of it by about 20 points.


What we got by the close was another Gaussian distribution on low volumes with the bulk of the trading done by the day time frame or locals as we like to call them.


The day was neutral center to be expected on low volumes as there was no energy to pull it out of the Initial balance zone.


From a slightly longer term perspective the market is coiled up and ready to spring.


Today was a day of balance in a bigger balance zone.


We know in profile that the market goes from balance to imbalance and back to balance in all time frames.


We eagerly wait for the break of this balance zone tomorrow.


Exit of value area and range is the trade and the bias,