Nifty Road Map 22/07/2011

Nifty Future chart July Series :

Nifty Mp9 Nifty Road Map 22/07/2011

Perspective : This market is clearly balancing with short volatile move in either direction failing to resolve the impasse.

Back Ground
:- A sideways movement as evidenced by a side-on Point of control (POC)

Chart Speak :

– Yesterday, we started the day on a 3 I concept which gives high odds for the market to make important lows in the first hour of the day.
– The market made it’s lows in the first 15 minutes before a rally in the first half which was met by selling pressure at higher levels.
– On global cues, the market is expected to gap up. We consider a gap to be an open outside the previous day’s range. It is important to see the market’s reaction to the gap( if one happens). You can read about gaps here
– 5607 separates the two distributions seen on 20/ 7 where heavy selling volumes had occurred.
– 5618 is PR3 for the day and prime resistance.

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