OF and MP

I’m going to post a series of articles showing the correlation of OrderFlow with Market Profile.

Here is the first one from last afternoon to today.

As you know we were tracking a bracket high at 5060 and a break above it was a buy signal.

Nifty Mp51 Of And Mp

After the close we posted this chart on Vtrender-2 for our premium subscribers, which talked about a spike into the close and anomalies at 5094 and 5074.

Take a look :

Nifty Mp7 Of And Mp 

These were the observations on the day’s auction which were posted at 5.30 pm last night.

Wednesday’s charts :

1) A neutral day in NF with a FA below and close at extreme
2) Upper profile is non- symmetrical and having anomalies, which means that it will be revisited
3) Acceptance above day high is however bullish
4) Resistance above is 5151 and then 5235
5) Staying above 5062, the previous bracket high will mean that a new range will develop.
6) FA at 5001 will be revisited between 1-5 days
7) An auction below 5000 will change the trend to lower.

Expecting a revisit into this zone at the top of yesterday’s profile and an auction to create symmetry.