Open Interest & Nifty

Oi Open Interest &Amp; Nifty

Call Option 5700-5800 added (10.1 lacs) huge amount of OI with some unwinding seen at 5600 and lower strike price. Put Options 5300-5600 added (45 lacs) huge amount of OI with some profit booking seen at lower strike prices. Highest accumulation on Call option can be seen at 5700 at 1.2 crore & 5600 at 1.03 crore whereas Put option 5400 at 1.24 crore & 5500 at 97 lacs.
Nifty Open Interest for September stands at 37004950 up by 1362300 with increase in Price.
The open interest addition in Nifty Future has increased to a level not seen in recent past, in fact now the threat has increased & it is going to be very tough tomorrow to climb from here immediately. It needs some cooling off. Immediate support comes at 5540 for tomorrow.