Order Flow System ( preview)

Bn Vb Order Flow System ( Preview)

If you have watched this video, posted by Shai here then he has explained orderflow as nothing but the bid and ask prices and quantities which should appear in your trading software.

The big question is how do you get those numbers you see to relect as a chart on your screen? Or how do you interpret them in real time?

At Vtrender live, it’s been our endeavor to put you on the cutting edge of the trading world.

We believe that Intra day trading is an exchange between a buyer and a seller and this process, if documented well, should put you on the right side of profits.

Have a look at the above chart :

The chart is that of the Bank Nifty future, our favorite trading tool.

The pane at the very top represents a volume chart, whose ticks are measured by the volume hitting the screen. This is different from the price tick charts we follow.

The next pane represents the buyer-seller pressure at a particular price point.

The pane below that is a histogram with a built in formula to identify if the buyer and the seller is getting aggressive in the market.

And the lower most pane gives you your buying or selling signals, again through a proprietary mechanism developed through years of trading and on screen experience.

If you want to be a buyer you buy when the lines on the bottom pane go blue and if you want to be a seller then you sell when it turns red. If you want to trade, then you turn your existing position when it changes color.

Here’s a look at the trade signals generated today :

There were 13 signals generated today in the Bank Nifty future :

Signal 1 : Sold at 12400, covered at 12350 : 50 points

Signal 2 : Sold at 12300 again, covered at 12260 : 40 points

Signal 3 : Bought at 12260, closed at 12310 : 50 points

Signal 4 : Sold at 12310, covered at 12260 : 50 points

Signal 5 : Bought at 12260, sold at 12300 : 40 points

Signal 6 : Sold at 12280, covered at 12250 : 30 points

Signal 7 : sold at 12305, covered at 12250 : 55 points

Signal 8 : Bought at 12260, sold at 12350 : 90 points

Signal 9 : Sold at 12350, covered at 12325 : 25 points

Signal 10 : Bought at 12340, covered at 12400 : 60 points

Signal 11 : Sold at 12400, covered at 12400 : 0 points

Signal 12 : bought at 12400, covered at 12455 : 55 points

Signal 13 : running

So …

That’s an incredible 545 points of profits generated by the system all in one day !

..and what’s more the BN system returned a 100 % result on a day which was extra-ordinarily volatile and dominated by the seller first and then the buyer.

Assuming you get 50 % of these signals do you feel you will fail as an intra day trader ?

Even a 100 points generated will put you on the road to profitabality.

Meantime our other calls on the Nifty, bank Nifty, stocks n options continue as usual. This is just our trading room.

These charts and these signals flow live from our trading room everyday.

Yes Shai has made the system bigger and better, to take away all the stigma and losses associated with intra day trading.

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