After two days of activity, the Nifty Future has managed to close at exactly the developing point of control and today’s lows were exactly at the VWAP for the series.

Viren’s charts posted over the weekend haven’t changed much and neither has been the assessment for the series.

During such times it is better to sit back and let the action unfold through pre-determined levels ( Value areas suggested by him) than alternate between buying and selling views for every 40 point move the index makes.

Speaking of taking views on buying and selling, our OrderFlow indicators continue to amaze us with their accuracy even in these side-ways markets.

As a trader, you only want to be on the right side of the days trend and whilst you may not be able to capture every rupee from the markets, our OrderFlow indicators at least help us to decide which side to lean on for our trades.

It’s a strict “No” to trade opposite the main trend as indicated by the OrderFlow Red-Blue.

Have a look :

Nifty Of72 Orderflow

The Order Flow captures all the moves of the market and occasionally when it goes side-ways, it tells us to lie low or trade less aggressively than we normally do.

You don’t need great technical analysis to know which side to trade on. Short when OF is red and Long when OF is Blue.The two reversals (blue OF) at 10.00 am and 3.00 pm with each measuring 40 points tell us clearly when the trend is changing and are a warning to book existing profits if not to reverse the trade.

Here’s the bank nifty :

Bank Nifty Of2 Orderflow

It’s great to see such a volatile instrument being tamed to such perfect signals by the OrderFlow indicators. 6 signals in 2 days and each measures over 80 points at the minimum.

You just require two things to trade the OrderFlow :

1) belief in the method ( we have put all the thinking in the indicator)
2) patience.

with these two things, you will surely “kick the habit of losing money in the markets”