OrderFlow charts @MCX


Natural Gas 0 Orderflow Charts @Mcx


Natural gas chart had a sell signal at 177.3 and closed at week lows of 161.6.


The seller at 180 prevailed over the buyer from 164 earlier from last week.


Copper :


Copperm 0 Orderflow Charts @Mcx


Copper had a big sell near 422 earlier on Wednesday and when buyers did not show up to confirm the activity near 417, the index moved lower to 410.


Except for one bad signal on Thursday, all the other signals ran into profits

Crude 1 Orderflow Charts @Mcx


Crude had a good week with a sell at 4997 on Tuesday, a buy at 4921 on Wednesday and sell at 4948 on Thursday.


Friday saw the whipsaw very close to the US market open where sellers got trapped just as the market went a few points below the previous day low only to see the buyer take the index 160 points higher.


Another whipsaw in crude on Friday, but the third signal again gave generous profits.

Gold 1 Orderflow Charts @Mcx


The smaller time frame was active in Gold again as the instrument remained range bound.


If you trade the green pink on Gold with a bit of patience you should get good results.


Silver 2 Orderflow Charts @Mcx


Silver reacted to news flow much more than Gold The buy from earlier in the week worked well and the sell off on news flow was also profitable.