OrderFlow on Holidays

The November series has been a series full of holidays.With news coming out of Europe every day, it is never an easy time to trade when we have a holiday at the NSE and the global markets are moving.

This is especially true for swing traders who carry their positions overnight.The Global turmoil can means nervous nights watching the DOW as well as waiting for the closing of the DAX.

As we use Order Flow charts at Vtrender, it becomes easy to track what the larger market participant is doing and trade in his direction.

Em Nf 1122 Orderflow On Holidays

On 25th when the market closed for Diwali we had a long position based on OrderFlow. Yes Smart Money was long at that stage and longs from 5173 were booked at 5381 for a gain of 198 points.

Notice the sell signal at 5381 at the top of the trading range.

The next holiday was on the 10th of November and swing trade positions had to deal with a US market on Wednesday as well as Thursday before NSE opened on Friday-11th Nov.

Em Nf 1120 Orderflow On Holidays

We went short on 9th November -Wednesday at 5307 which we conveniently covered on Friday at 5203, again a gain of 96 points over a holiday.

Again on Friday before the close we went long , booked part at the open this morning and reversed at 5196 today clocking net gains of about 90 points for the day again.

Em Nf 115 Orderflow On Holidays

When you start trading our OrderFlow system, the only enemy to your profitability is You.Don’t book out completely till the OrderFlow reverses.You can substitute a Future with an ITM Option Call of the next month, but keep trading the direction.

Follow the turns of the OrderFlow to keep making consistent profits every time the Markets Open.