Performance report in Oct (up 32%) based on MarketProfile and Orderflow strategies

The Nifty managed a 8% upmove in the month of October.

Very impressive indeed!

We smiled. Everytime the market moves like the way it did in October, our chances of doing 4X of that move rises.

Yes we have developed strategies which help us make multiples of the index move . And 4X is good. Very good indeed.

and the better part is we can make money based on our strategies regardless of what the Nifty does, goes up or down or sideways. There is money to be made even if it is sideways.

Now you must be wondering, how come no one else I know gets these kind of returns or churn out such a consistent performance month after month.

The truth is in the world of derivatives where we belong in, these kind of returns are expected to come. If and this is a BIG IF, if you know what you are doing and you have a process and a risk management plan in place and of course the right strategies. And I mean strategies, not strategy ( which is singular). More on that later.


But the other reason why you don’t believe in the kind of returns derivative trading can generate if done right is that you have been trained in an environment where 6% returns of a debt instrument or a fixed deposit is considered good, more very good indeed.

And then when some one tells you that you can make better than 6% in a year, you cannot believe and you think that the person is spinning yarns. 

Remember the story you were told as a kid of that elephant tied to the ground with a small stick. When it was a kid it tried very hard to break free and it could not. So it  gave up and in its mind it decided that, this I cannot do – and years later when it has the full strength it is unwilling to even encourage the thought that it can be done. 


Most of you, have become this elephant.


At Vtrender, we believe in the possibilities in what can be done and we go to work with the full belief in human potential.


We recognize, that there are opportunities in the markets at every time and if you have the right strategies to trade these opportunities with a proper risk management plan then the rewards are bound to follow.

There is a lot of hard work and we are professionals at giving the right time and attention to the market. In derivatives, you cannot make money if you are not involved and can give time to the market. If you cannot be in the markets, then it is better off than you let a professional manage your money, cos you will lose all of it if you are not involved with your time and attention. 


This is what we did in October.

In the trades posted above we have adopted a number of strategies, some based on market profile, some based on Orderflow.

We don’t believe in coming to the market with only one strategy. The markets are too complex to be fit in one box or one strategy. You have to be able to adapt to the changing environment of the market . 

You cannot be seen at every party, with the same set of clothes.

The work we do at Vtrender, is open-ended. We don’t believe in the I win-you-lose approach. Everyone can win. Happiness comes when you make money for yourself. Joy comes when you and everyone else around you makes money.

You are welcome to join the winning team at Vtrender. Our doors are open as are our strategies. They are given to you on the first day you join our team. You can find them under-


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