Performance sheet Updated

The performance sheet is updated as of the close of trading on friday 18/11/11

You can find this as a link to the right of the blog or just by clicking the spreadsheet at :OrderFlow Performance

The sheet is updated from the twitter tab and accommodates the subscriber who cannot be on the screen all day and takes instructions from the messages delivered to him through twitter/ sms.

The OrderFlow has returned a 433 point gain on the Nifty and a 933 point move on the BankNifty from the period dated 7/11/11 – the day we started maintaining it daily.

Gold has returned 2178 points, Silver 4226, Copper 36 and Crude 615 points in the same period.

Whilst I do not expect all to track each and every instrument, the purpose of maintaining the spreadsheet is to show how closely OrderFlow tracks the movements of  the market  and the fact that it works across instruments and sectors.

 If you scrutinise the sheet, you would notice that the third orderflow in the day has always overcome the losses made in the previous signals. The biggest loss making trade in the Nifty has been about 30 points, whilst there are several winners which have given over a 100 points.

The point is that the system can generate for you consistent profits, whilst minimising losses. StopLosses are however a part of the system and every trader should be willing to accept them.

If you intend to trade OrderFlow, I emphasise that you should not pick and choose your trades, but follow the system completely.

It is a pure trend indicator and the best way to lose money in the market is to trade against the OrderFlow!!

Put it in another way, you will not lose money if you play on the side of the Orderflow