Profile charts for 14th June

The Power Levels for tomorrow are possible areas of demand and supply and the same are uploaded in an excel sheet here.

Whilst using the OrderFlow charts, it is necessary to book profits at each of the levels mentioned. Thus a BUY signal can be booked at the closest PR1, PR2, PR3 with every preceding level becoming a stop loss for the existing order. Depending on how the smaller OF reacts , one can re-initiate the booked order

All levels are taken from that excel sheet. We will discuss auction theory, role of buyers and sellers and market structure in these next few lines.

Today’s updated comments are displayed in bold. Comments from yesterday and the previous days are above the bold print.

Broader market of Monday: Responsive buyers of the institutional kind lifted the market up nearly 80 points from the lows of the day with a close near the upper extreme

Bank Nifty :

Bank Nifty Mp246 Profile Charts For 14Th June

– Profile shows single print selling from 10815 to 10765
– 10440 to 10510 is longer time frame support
– BN has minor selling prints at the highs near 10760
– selling prints between 10810 and 10770 of 10/6 remain.

Nifty :

Nifty Mp6 Profile Charts For 14Th June

– a balanced profile in NF would mean that break of the range is imminent
– exit of value is a proper strategy for tomorrow with a stop just below the edge of value.
– The market showed responsive buying/ short covering with minor single prints near 5450
– the single prints from 5438 to 5414 are the biggest support to the market now.
– Minor selling prints also near 5518 at the open
– A DD and a failed auction were the highlight of the day
– Failed auction at 5437 NF
– the upper distribution zone between 5510 and the single prints at 5478 will be in focus.


Sbi Mp61 Profile Charts For 14Th June

– SBI had a b shape profile indicating long liquidation
– 2286 and 2270 are the value areas and imp to see where the next auction takes place (above or below)
– the b may also indicate that step 4 vertical move may be beginning again in sbi
– SBI dropped about 55 points after the b shape seen on Thursday
– 2204 HVN is a support to be watched
– SBI had a fairly normal distribution with poc at 2234

Ril Mp71 Profile Charts For 14Th June

– RIL was stuck today again between 964 HVN and 947 single prints
– there’s an easy 10-17 points either side to 979 or 930 intra day or in 2 sessions
– RIL created volumes in the single prints below 947 before closing right there
– 830 is an HVN to be watched for support


– RIL showed a single print seller at 941 near the open
– poor lows at 925 will invite a revisit to 925
– HVN at 915 to be watched on downside

LT :

Lt Mp71 Profile Charts For 14Th June

– LT had poor highs but high volume near the top
– 1740 represents the top of the recent 4 day trading range
– single print buyers at base of profile for the 4th day in a row would indicate that a break up upside is imminent

– Large vol at Thurs close turned out to be sellers and upside breakout did not materialize
– The structure of friday is weak and the market can retrace right upto POC 1719
– 1673 is an HVN which is good support
– LT had a DD and a failed auction
– upper distribution between 1717 and 1700

ICICI Bank :

Icici Mp7 Profile Charts For 14Th June

– profile of yesterday was balanced today
– overall past 3 days confined to the profile of 6/6 which has a poor low around 1039
– inside day today
– ICICI has a seller at the top near 1053 levels ( single prints)

– ICICI bank shows poor lows at 1031 which will invite a revisit

Tata Motors :

Tata Motors4 Profile Charts For 14Th June

– tata motors has a seller at the open for the past 7 in 10 days
– since results day, most of the profiles have been b which indicate longs moving out
– a close above vah will confirm a minor change in short term trend
– TTM was locked in a small range and had a balance profile with normal distribution.
– an inside day on friday

– TTM showed a normal distribution and a double inside day