Profile charts for 15th Mar

The Italics are the comments from yesterday and the previous days.

An Open drive in Nifty and the bank Nifty which forced short-covering by remaining above VAH and the IB.

Bank Nifty :
Bank Nifty Mp6 Profile Charts For 15Th Mar


– The pull back rally high is 11150 ( adjusted for Mar).
– Poor lows at 10200
– Profile shows a strong seller at 10965 ( initiative) and minor responsive buying at 10775
-above 10960 will see 11020

– Pull back high is 10825/ 35 above which small longs can be considered for 10900
– VWAP for the series is 10800/ dpoc at 10800 also.
-The mkt failed to attract sellers below 10760 today.


– Open drive from 10750 on 14/03 ( Buying single print and support)
-10910 and 10846 are first supports for the market.
— VWAP for the series is still at 10800/ dpoc at 10800 also.
– 11020 is resistance, above which it will hit 11160 again.

Nifty :

Nifty Mp6 Profile Charts For 15Th Mar


– Buyers are holding the levels at 5304-5314, below which Nifty failed to auction today ( 28/2).
– vwap for the series is 5465 and the dpoc is at 5500 now.
– only a close above 5500 will eliminate some short term bearishness


– Profile shows a buying tail at the base ( 14/03)
– we still want to think about the NF as a bracket btw 5618 and 5400.
– 5530 and 5500 are supports for the market tomorrow.
– on the higher side selling should reemerge at 5611-18.
-upmove of today was based on short covering which can weaken the market structurally



Sbi6 Profile Charts For 15Th Mar


– Profile shows an initiative seller near 2674 today, but also responsive buyer to lower prices.
-vwap for the series is 2655 and developing point of control is 2638
– minor support at 2580 held
-below 2580 can see 2548/ 2514
downtrend will be broken only above 2652 now.


-initiative buyer at 2555 at the open ( 14/03)
-2637 is vwap for the series. 2580 is now dpoc
-auction above 2638 can bring 2703


Reliance5 Profile Charts For 15Th Mar

– 966 represents upper end of the prior bracket, as also gap fill.
_RIL is forming another bracket between 966-1009.
-966 has served this market well and today’s short covering marked the visit to the upper end of the mentioned price level of 1010.
-today’s ( 9th Mar) balance area is 998-1008 and acceptance or rejection of this area should setup the next 20 point move in RIL.


– RIL broke out of the consolidation today
– 1008 is now support