Profile charts for 1st June

Today’s updated comments are displayed in bold. Comments from yesterday and the previous days are above the bold print.

Broader market of Tuesday: A pull back in the morning session was bought around the HVN of 5482, which was a catalyst for a rally upto the next HVN of 5564

Bank Nifty :

Bank Nifty Mp23 Profile Charts For 1St June
– Like the NF, BN has weak structure but a strong buying tail at 10730
– staying above 10940, it can reach 10986/11000
-10877 is initial support, which if fails can bring 10826

Nifty :

Nifty Mp29 Profile Charts For 1St June

– Mkt created value sideways, but stayed below the 5484 HVN of 20/5 for the most part
– 5433 is support for tomorrow and 5485 again resistance


– Mkt moved up on weak structure, which would invite rectification between 5560 and 5504 which are the value areas
– 5561/4 are the decider levels for tomorrow
– as long as the market stays above these it will reach 5594
– below 5561, levels of 5530 and 5497 are possible


Sbi Mp27 Profile Charts For 1St June

– SBI closed at the highs putting 2343 back in reach
– initial support for tomorrow is 2290


Ril Mp22 Profile Charts For 1St June

– RIL closed at the HVN of 956
– It has a cluster of resistances between 966-984 for any bigmove
– 948 is support for tomorrow

LT :

Lt Mp27 Profile Charts For 1St June

– Lt was sideways for the 8th consecutive day
– 8 day balance area is 1662-1650-1626

ICICI Bank :

Icici Mp17 Profile Charts For 1St June

– ICICI had an open test drive, checking for prev activity at 1063 the pevious day’s POC
– 1073 needs to hold tomorrow for upmove to continue