Profile charts for 30 th August

The Prime Levels for tomorrow are possible areas of demand and supply and the same are uploaded in an excel sheet here.

Broader Market of Monday : A trend day with significant amount of short covering

Bank Nifty :

Bn Mp3 Profile Charts For 30 Th August

Back Ground : – Dominant seller at 10525./ break of Balance profile with POC at 9395

Chart speak :

1) profile closed at the edge of the prev 5 day balance area
2) Minus development below 9155
3) Upper value area is 9495 and target for an immediate upmove

Nifty :

Nifty Mp14 Profile Charts For 30 Th August

Background :

– Huge gap between 5325 and 5233 which is a single print seller.

Chartspeak :

1) The move of today was in the value area of the past 5 days
2) profile shows minus development below 4814
3) a further upmove can bring 5005 and 5085