Profile charts for Monday- 19th Sept

The Prime Levels for tomorrow are possible areas of demand and supply and the same are uploaded in an excel sheet here.

Broader Market of Friday : Another neutral day with a bigger range which ended closer to the center, than the extremes. The day was marked by whipsaws from the orderflow charts, as Buyer and sellers jostled for control.The net orderflow figures were negative, with orderflow going in the favor of the seller.

Neutral days when they resolve give rise to Normal variation or trend days, as one party takes a back seat and the other party gains the upper hand ( momentum)


Bank Nifty :

Nifty Mp6 Profile Charts For Monday- 19Th Sept

Back Ground : – Dominant seller at 10525./

Chart speak from yesterday :

1) gap at 9625 was covered today
2) spike into the close
3) Upper resistance seen at 9800/ 10025
4) 9475 region should be an initial support

Today’s charts :

1) BN had a selling tail from the prominent POC of 9800
2) The Index put in a neutral day with a seller above and a buying tail below.
3) Above the HVN of 9800, the index can once again attempt 10025
4) Trend will be on the positive side as long as 9620-9675 hold during the week

Nifty :

Nifty Mp171 Profile Charts For Monday- 19Th Sept

Background :

– Huge gap between 5325 and 5233 which is a single print seller.

Chart speak from yesterday :

1) NF fell short of 5118 by 18 points.
2) spike into the close ( details on charts)
3) support seen at 4975 then at 4935

Today’s charts :

1) The day was auctioned at the previous HVN of 5118
2) Support at 4975 barely held, but the seller was prominent above in the previous sell zone
3) Trend for the week remains positive s long as 5030 is held.