Here are 2 charts which show the range in the NF and the BNF.


The pane below is the current day range marked in yellow against a 20 day moving average figure.


Averagerange 2 0 Ranges


Avg Range Bn 0 Ranges


The NF returns a 20 day average point range of 100 points and the BNF gives us 280 points every day.


This is a goldmine if you are an intra day trader.


What does this information tell you?


One, that if you are patient as a trader and know your levels well, then the market will give you enough opportunities to enter and exit your trades.


Wait for the market to come to you. Have a plan and execute it well.

Over come your greed and also your fear. The market is providing the opportunity to trade a very good range. Exploit it.


Using today as an example we get an IB of 44 points so far which when computed against the range we know, should give us a good chance to see a Normal variation day play out which generally targets 2IB.


The 2IB is within the 20 day average range and a highly likely target for the day. Hence the better trade would be an exit of IB for the 2IB target with vwap providing a stop.


Plan B would be a failed IB move which can set up a Neutral day environment.


Have a Plan . Use the range and trade well.