This latest bull run in the markets has left me stumped, to say the least!

Cnxn 17Thmar Stumped

Nymo 17Thmar Stumped
I continue to stare at the screeen as the Nifty prints 5260 and I wonder how? To be honest I have had trouble buying stocks here.

My ever dependable NYMO has been giving me a bearish diversion, whilst working out the overbought condition. But the diversion means nothing in the face of this hungry bull which is planning to mow down every bear in sight. Now let me be straight here– I am not a bear in this market, not been one for the past 9 months and it has put me on the right side of trades.All I am looking at is a minor pull back, which has been non-existent. I look towards the west and the S&P and I see it up over 14 days now!. I have never seen a bigger winning streak.

I still contend that these are dangerously high prices to buy into, but if you are nimble the risk may be worth it.