The #Stockslevels Channel on Omnovia and Slack

Vtrender is a trading room where we track OrderFlow Live and have an online chat to discuss the indices real-time and take trades on it as well as explore the bias prevalent. We have and always will be about the indices both intra-day and swing. Sometime in 2015 we started looking at stocks as an additional mechanism and I’ll be honest with you it worked well personally and some of the moves we tracked were extremely handsome


But for the past few days, I have been having trouble following the conversation for stocks. I am sure some of you would have felt the same. I have also to a point felt a bit distracted and hence this message. As you know I have spoken my heart to you both during trading and otherwise, so please hear me out.


Our methods place a lot of importance to the IB hour or the first hour of the day. It’s here that the bias is made or broken and, therefore, the Volumes here especially the OrderFlow needs to be tracked even better than other periods of the session.


Most of you have been with me for a long time and understand the process and the idea behind starting Vtrender was to ensure that the person who was just starting off or had previously lost money gained the experience and the comfort through profitable trading that this market could be traded with a system. I remain committed to that concept even today.


I don’t want to reach a place where responding to individual queries on stocks would take me away from my core objective of providing the best setups and views for index trades to our larger community especially off an Open which promises excitement and reward. So I have reached a decision that it will not be possible to provide intra-day support for stock views during the IB hour. If you have an existing position and need my input please stay in the Trading room and use the Stocks levels  tab on Omnovia. On Slack, I will not be able to extend support from tomorrow during the morning hour


I do understand that some of you have limitations and am not disposing of the utility of Slack. But keep it only for a swing view. Do not use it for intra-day or an urgent opinion about your position. I cannot promise that I will be checking the channel to know your query.


But the Trading room is the place to be at. I am seldom away and even if I am out for a few hours occasionally I keep the room informed. You see over the years I have associated my trading with this room and I don’t feel complete without it now.


So just to recap:


  1. No intra-day trades in the IB on stocks
  2. No intra-day trades on Slack
  3. Use Slack for positional queries on stocks which are non-urgent
  4. For everything else use the Trading Room.