Trading room 28/01/13

*** Shai **, Welcome to the Vtrender conference room!
[08:56] r m: Good Morning folks!
[08:56] r m: Results today – Persistent Systems, ING Vysya Bank, Amara Raja Batteries, JSW Steel, Bank of India, Reliance Infra, Puravankara Project, Noida Toll Bridge, KPIT Cummins, Reliance Infra, Adani Ports & SEZ
[09:00] Sachin : GM frnds !!
[09:00] Sachin : Hi rm
[09:00] r m: Hi Sachin πŸ™‚
[09:01] Sachin : missed the webinar yesterday … is the session recorded?
[09:02] r m: webinar is today na!
[09:03] Girish D: GM all!
[09:03] r m: Hi Girish πŸ™‚
[09:03] Girish D: RM – your inside day trade fr Friday did give 100pts in BN!
[09:03] r m: πŸ™‚
[09:04] r m: Thai Inside day theory is Shai's and yours man. I am only taking credit for it πŸ™‚
[09:05] Rahul G: hello all gm
[09:05] Rahul G: guys these are beautiful charts
[09:05] r m: Hi Rahul πŸ™‚
[09:05] Rahul G: wht is the new way to look at
[09:05] Girish D: RM – Well, you recognized it and made a timely post on Friday morning.
[09:05] r m: Thanks Girish, i am good at posting charts but poor in trading them πŸ˜€
[09:06] r m: @Rahul, webinar today, Shai will explain the new charts at 11:30
[09:06] Rahul G: ooh ok
[09:06] Girish D: GM Rahul/Sachin.
[09:06] Rahul G: thanks
[09:06] Rahul G: rm
[09:06] Sachin : o good .. thot it was yesterday :
[09:06] r m: but these are renko charts
[09:06] Rahul G: gm girish
[09:07] Rahul G: remko as in rekhi πŸ™‚
[09:07] r m: renko
[09:08] r m: they reverse after a fix number of points only just like point and figure, so easy to see resistance and supports in them
[09:08] Rahul G: the first thing I feel is the previous day vwap makes a difference
[09:08] r m: also they are not bound by time, only by price movement
[09:09] r m: yes Rahul
[09:10] Girish D: GM Shai – this is probably the 5th time Shai has changed the charts since the inception of Vtrender. And I have to say that everytime the charts have only gotten better. My testimonial written here a year back is valid every bit even today
[09:13] Shai C: Gm all
[09:13] Rahul G: gm shai
[09:13] Shai C: Thanks Girish
[09:14] Rahul G: will eagerly wait for yr webinar
[09:15] Shai C: we are doing an audio session at 11.15 am
[09:15] Rahul G: on this
[09:15] Shai C: please join in
[09:15] Rahul G: thanks
[09:15] r m: i have already put the speakers on max volume πŸ™‚
[09:16] Shai C: lol
[09:16] r m: vow, ask and bids are back too πŸ™‚
[09:21] Shai C: BN
[09:21] Shai C: ready for 12840 again
[09:24] Shai C: sa far in first ten minutes delta is positive indicating buyers at the open
[09:26] Shai C: 6107 in NF is the big seller in Jan
[09:35] Shai C: OAIR
[09:36] Shai C: NF at pdh
[09:36] Shai C: but BNF is staying abv pdh
[09:36] Shai C: 12720 spot and 6065 spot immm supports
[09:37] Shai C: 6090/ 12783 spot are imm res
[09:37] Shai C: tgts abv are 6113 spot and 12834
[09:39] S T: Hello n GM ALL
[09:39] S T: Shai…new charts looks excellnt..well done
[09:39] r m: Hi ST πŸ™‚
[09:39] Girish D: GM ST
[09:40] S T: Hey RM
[09:40] S T: GD..GM, Rahul GM
[09:41] S T: are these Ranko or Better Renko bars Shai ?
[09:42] S T: Renko *
[09:42] Shai C: St renko
[09:43] S T: ok..
[09:43] Shai C: usdinr getting sellers
[09:44] S T: Nifty trying to move above 6076, is gd fr bulls
[09:44] r m: broader markets have at last fallen in line with biggies and adv/dec positive today
[09:47] S T: shai, 6085 buyers ,,can u confirm
[09:48] Shai C: No St didn't see buyers
[09:48] Shai C: MO went from -87 to -60 on fri
[09:48] Shai C: -87 was a good signal as the mkt was not trending
[09:49] Shai C:
[09:49] S T: ok..near todays high i meant
[09:50] Shai C: ST the feb candle shows buyers
[09:51] S T: ok..thnx
[09:54] S T: 6071 crucial
[09:55] Rahul G: shai there is no green and pink line in these charts and if so how do we interpret them
[09:56] Shai C: There's no green pink here
[09:56] Rahul G: ok
[09:57] S T: shai..numbers updatign near bar are bid ask ?
[09:57] S T: wch si wht
[09:57] S T: is
[09:57] Shai C: Interepretation is on blue red with 3 consecutive bars confirming a reversal in 80 % cases
[09:57] Shai C: ST bid ask
[09:58] S T: any news pending today ?
[09:58] S T: lil volatile in small range though
[10:01] Shai C: No all the news is tom
[10:04] Rahul G: would thr be a sepearate screen for comm
[10:04] Shai C: NO rahul not yet
[10:05] Shai C: but will be done next month
[10:05] Rahul G: ok
[10:06] Shai C: minor data issue- streaming will be right back
[10:12] S T: RM..u chkd  HDIL charts
[10:13] r m: no ST, have never traded that
[10:15] S T: ok..nt fr day trade bt i do swing trades sometimes
[10:15] S T: seems it ws under margin call pressure
[10:15] S T: hammerd lk 20 % or so in 2days πŸ™‚
[10:15] r m: ok, that one swings qite often πŸ™‚
[10:15] S T: πŸ˜€ ths tiem dived
[10:16] r m: yeah, low liquidity in that one, difficult to get out of a wrong position πŸ™‚
[10:16] S T: nooo..its very liquid stock
[10:17] r m: ok
[10:31] Shai C: 14 point IB
[10:31] Shai C: 49 in BN
[10:31] Shai C: not much happening
[10:32] Shai C: BN's move from fri afternoon and even today above pdh/ vah is speculation that there will be a rate cut tom
[10:32] Shai C: opportunistic trading more based on hope than anything else
[10:33] Shai C: The RBI gov has always surprised and may not give the mkt what it thinks
[10:33] Shai C: surprise can be upside or even downside
[10:33] Shai C: so +50 to zer
[11:00] Dr B: shai,there will be no buy sell signa?l
[11:00] Shai C: audio session will be recorded for future viewing
[11:01] Shai C: Yes Dr there are signals as before
[11:02] S T: audio session started ?
[11:02] Shai C: not yet
[11:02] Shai C: will be on air in about 5 mins
[11:02] S T: ok
[11:09] r m: GM
[11:10] Shai C: On air
[11:10] Shai C: Sound check- pls confirm
[11:10] j w: very low
[11:10] r m: very low sound
[11:10] Sachin : *whistle* on Shai's entry πŸ™‚
[11:10] j w: ok
[11:10] r m: good now
[11:10] j w: better now
[11:10] j w: Nice to hear your voice
[11:12] Girish D: Shai – your intro sounded as if you meant this call is being recorded for quality and training purposes … πŸ™‚
[11:12] r m: πŸ™‚
[11:13] j w: πŸ™‚
[11:13] Girish D: Just kidding man. It would definitely be helpful
[11:13] r m: You should charge them for this trial πŸ™‚
[11:13] j w: Now that this is being recorded, we need to be smart with our questions too πŸ™‚
[11:14] Shai C: πŸ™‚
[11:17] j w: Spelling
[11:17] j w: RENKO
[11:17] j w: ok
[11:17] S T: RENKO bars
[11:26] Girish D: yes
[11:26] r m: yes
[11:26] Rahul G: ys
[11:26] Sachin : yep
[11:26] j w: yes
[11:26] Girish D: able to hear
[11:26] r m: loud and clear!
[11:26] Rahul G: yup
[11:27] Sachin : now lost you
[11:33] j w: yesterday's eod data
[11:33] j w: seems not updated
[11:33] Girish D: I think yesterday's data is lost
[11:33] Girish D: I mean Friday
[11:33] j w: PDH is 6082
[11:35] j w: no problem, you will sort it out πŸ™‚
[11:42] j w: In the context of an expiry, these red deltas can also be roll overs ?
[11:42] Shai C: yes
[11:46] Girish D: Shai – for cumulative delta to go green would there be lot more upticks needed?
[11:47] Shai C: yes
[11:47] Girish D: Thanks
[11:49] Girish D: Shai What is LH labelled on the chart?
[11:49] r m: lower high
[11:50] Girish D: Thanks RM, Shai.
[11:55] r m: Thanks Shai
[11:55] j w: thanks for the session
[11:55] Girish D: Shai – how do you set the scale of cumulative delta?
[11:56] j w: Its self managed, you mean after 9.15
[11:56] Girish D: Thanks Shai
[11:57] j w: ok
[11:58] j w: Can you corelate Delta to change in open interest in anyway?
[11:59] j w: ok
[12:00] Girish D: Thanks a lot for the audio session Shai!
[12:00] j w: Than you
[12:01] Dr B: shai,what does HH or LH or LL INDICATE?
[12:01] j w: Higher high Lower low
[12:01] j w: etc
[12:01] Sachin : excellent session Shai … looking forward for more such …
[12:01] j w: Helps in finding drift down
[12:01] j w: and up
[12:01] Pasi C: GA all
[12:01] Pasi C: new charts!
[12:02] j w: yeah
[12:02] Pasi C: Hi jw
[12:02] j w: hi
[12:02] r m: GA Pasi
[12:02] Pasi C: Hi rm
[12:02] Girish D: GA Pasi. Shai presented the charts live but if you missed it the recording will be available on the website
[12:02] Pasi C: what r those candles abv delta
[12:03] j w: delta is topmost
[12:03] r m: cumulative delta at the top, volume bars below that, and price in the last pane
[12:04] Pasi C: ok
[12:05] Pasi C: and bid/ask quantity is also shown?
[12:05] j w: The volume bars have colour to match up or down
[12:05] r m: yes, bid and ask appear along the last traded price
[12:05] j w: just helps you to find whether the price fell or rose
[12:06] j w: without looking down at price chart
[12:15] Girish D: Seems like morning buyers exiting longs in BN. Cumulative delta shedding losing the greenery
[12:16] Girish D: But BN still stronger as its above pdh
[12:18] Girish D: In last 10 sessions, I have noticed that there is absolutely no comittment by 6100/6000 PE&CE writers. Everyday some 10L get added and then the immediate next day all of most them get covered and sometimes the reverse positions get initated
[12:18] r m: yes, just above the VAH though, ready to do 80%?
[12:19] Girish D: RM – BN had a very big value area on Friday, less chance of completing the full 80% but we have seen such days too
[12:19] r m: ok, thanks
[12:34] Girish D: The last swing high in BN was 12798.xx
[12:46] r m: yes, 12825 was the one before that
[12:47] Sachin : these are Fut values right?
[12:47] Girish D: BN at least is moving. NF has become a zombie today
[12:47] Girish D: yes Sachin
[12:48] Sachin : Shai – BN window nas NS values, can you pl. change it to BN
[12:48] r m: @Girish, you have angered NF πŸ™‚
[12:48] Girish D: RM πŸ™‚
[12:49] r m: a wee bit premium creeping back in NF
[12:51] Girish D: RM – from what happened in options in Nifty on Friday (6000PE +17L and 6000CE -17L), there has to be something going +ve for Nifty. But these days options writers have become T20 players
[12:51] r m: πŸ™‚
[12:52] r m: test players must have shifted to the next series already
[12:52] Girish D: yes!
[12:59] r m: BN at north pole and NF at south (of IB)!
[12:59] Girish D: NF not learning good things from BN yet.
[13:00] r m: that is the problem with elderly folks, they find it difficult to learn from younsters πŸ™‚
[13:00] r m: *youngsters
[13:00] r m: Delta coming down in BN, sellers  attach at the top again?
[13:00] r m: *attack
[13:03] Girish D: RM – In BN, near the low of the day there was something like delta +ve divergence. LL was made with +ve delta
[13:03] r m: yes Girish
[13:03] r m: thanks for pointing out
[13:04] Girish D: May be we should watch for such instances.
[13:04] r m: yes
[13:05] r m: your 12798 has been matched except for .xx πŸ™‚
[13:06] Girish D: I am sure computers have even better memory than me!
[13:06] r m: lol
[13:07] r m: they would be at least as good as you since you are designing their chips πŸ™‚
[13:09] Girish D: no man. I am just kidding but the market does have a pattern when it comes to how it reacts near swing highs/lows
[13:10] S T: GD..Delta divergence doesnt work properly on indices
[13:10] S T: much like regular divergences..
[13:10] S T: though Delta div is better with stocks/stock futures
[13:10] r m: thanks ST, i was about to ask that but you answered even before i could type the question πŸ™‚
[13:10] Pasi C: NV in NF rm?
[13:10] Girish D: ST – I am seeing these cumulative charts for the first time and trying to come up with some theory.
[13:11] r m: @Pasi, yes, so far πŸ™‚
[13:11] Pasi C: ok
[13:11] Pasi C: :0
[13:11] S T: πŸ™‚
[13:11] S T: Good GD..keep observing
[13:12] S T: Rm..u knw m fast heheh
[13:12] r m: yeah!
[13:12] r m: an OPEN trader has to be very fast πŸ™‚
[13:13] S T: i can tell abt Delta i hv given enough time fr it
[13:13] Girish D: Did one round of 26.4 to 29.4 in 6100CE, thanks to BN's move + lag in Nifty
[13:13] S T: i wont say wasted πŸ˜€
[13:13] r m: πŸ™‚
[13:14] Girish D: ST – did you observe absolute delta or cumulative delta
[13:14] S T: all delta
[13:14] Girish D: Thanks
[13:15] S T: evn the max min delta
[13:15] S T: i think instead of net delta..wht is more imp is
[13:15] S T: how much is net delta from max or min delta
[13:16] S T: tht shows porgress of tht bar
[13:16] Girish D: Interesting
[13:16] S T:
[13:16] S T: this is todays delta div fr Tatasteel fut
[13:17] S T: fr delta div..need to see how much is delta diff…, minor delta div isnt very helpful
[13:17] r m: Thanks ST
[13:17] Girish D: Thanks ST
[13:18] S T: WC
[13:18] S T: in tht chart nearly 90 k delta diff on tht delta thts big n gd
[13:19] Girish D: Makes sense
[13:20] r m: how come all these Pune folks are so brilliant? something to do with Shivaji? πŸ™‚
[13:20] S T: heheeh.. thnx man
[13:20] S T: Rm..nw u hv set charts in NT, u mst b observing these thngs na
[13:21] r m: i am observing delta in market balance but so far have remained at the observer stage only
[13:22] S T: ok..keep doing it
[13:22] S T: as Shai said as confrimation tool only
[13:22] S T: nw chk the net frm max n min delta
[13:23] r m: ok, will do that, i had removed the max/min to reduce info load πŸ™‚
[13:26] S T: if BN dosent move up…NF cant do anythng
[13:26] Girish D: 2-way moves expected before RBI's meet tomorrow + rollovers happening also adding to the swings
[13:27] Sachin : interesting discussion ..
[13:27] Girish D: I am expecting 12798 to be taken out today but that's just a gut feel more than anything
[13:27] Sachin : rm – i'm exception to the Pune rule … well that proves the rule then πŸ™‚
[13:27] r m: lol
[13:27] S T: Sachin, u frm Pune ?
[13:28] Sachin : ST – yep
[13:28] S T: gd nw u hv joind VT, u wil b in league too hahah
[13:28] Girish D: Sachin – it must be that you are a star in the making. We might be having a different talk a year from now πŸ™‚
[13:28] Sachin : hehehe .. hopefully, amen to that
[13:29] S T: πŸ™‚
[13:30] S T: Changed profile pic @ blog πŸ˜€
[13:33] Sachin : ST – blog?
[13:33] S T: blog
[13:33] S T:
[13:34] S T: RM,
[13:34] r m: yes ST?
[13:34] S T: do u get mails, if i update or make post on blog ?
[13:34] S T: being follower ?
[13:34] r m: no, i get comments in mail if i subscribe to them for a particular post
[13:35] S T: ok
[13:35] r m: but i open the blog everyday to know what you are up to πŸ˜€
[13:36] S T: thanks
[13:36] S T: m happy ths time..getign nearly 100 hits /day
[13:37] r m: there is a link at the bottom of your blog "subscribe to posts (atom), however that does not seem to work in my browser
[13:37] r m: wil try IE
[13:39] r m: nifty chali vwap ke paar πŸ™‚
[13:41] S T: RM..chk again whn u r free
[13:41] S T: added new gadget "subscribe to "
[13:43] r m: already subscribed using IE πŸ™‚
[13:43] S T: πŸ™‚ thnk u
[13:43] r m: Thank you πŸ™‚
[13:44] r m: someone sitting above vwap who does not like Nifty πŸ™‚
[13:45] S T: Shai, thr ?
[13:48] Sachin : ST – nice blog, +1 visitor πŸ™‚
[13:49] S T: πŸ™‚
[13:52] S T: SBi @ mak eor break now
[13:55] r m: trying to come back in IB
[14:03] S T: stks hv lost all premium nw
[14:08] Girish D: Back from lunch and seems like it was an eventful 30 min
[14:09] Girish D: BN back to attempting another move near 798?
[14:09] r m: yes
[14:10] r m: NF is negotiating with PDH now
[14:16] Girish D: High probability of 840 coming if this time 798 is crossed.
[14:16] r m: dpoc is climbing
[14:16] r m: nf delta also getting better
[14:19] Girish D: I am attempting small long here with VWAP SL
[14:19] r m: ok
[14:29] Girish D: most of the selling getting absorbed
[14:29] r m: yes
[14:30] Girish D: 2IB done
[14:33] r m: big seller in nf again
[14:33] Girish D: yes
[14:33] Girish D: BN delta also shedding weight
[14:35] Girish D: SL @cost of 785 – may be not the day to expect a big move ahead of RBI
[14:36] Girish D: VWAP to 2IB or IB to 2IB was a good trade during lunch hour
[14:36] Shai C: 12820 is 2IB done in BNF
[14:36] Shai C: 12820 is also POC of composite
[14:38] S T: Shai ,
[14:38] Shai C: yes
[14:38] S T: Algo criteria still same ?
[14:39] Shai C: yes
[14:39] S T: cz i didnt hv one in NF
[14:39] S T: wht ws tht ?
[14:39] Shai C: made the criteria of largest one time vol
[14:40] S T: ok
[14:41] Girish D: Exited 12815 – seems like there is no followthrough
[14:42] Shai C: 12830 spot will 80% case in bn spot
[14:44] r m: 4 point discount in BN
[14:44] r m: that was temporary πŸ™‚
[14:44] Girish D: RM – lot of rollovers today
[14:44] r m: yes
[14:44] Girish D: Tomorrow there might be lot of rolling over πŸ™‚
[14:45] Girish D: either bulls will roll over the bears or vice-versa
[14:45] Shai C: refer to this post-
[14:45] Shai C: BN went through the value area before RBI
[14:45] Shai C: so waht will it do tom?
[14:46] r m: some super size delta bars in NF
[14:47] S T: n all down πŸ˜€
[14:48] Shai C: be careful of delta in expiry
[14:48] Shai C: super size can be rollovers
[14:48] r m: looks like longs rolling over in NF and shorts in BN πŸ™‚
[14:48] Shai C: I will add the NF feb tom
[14:48] S T: right
[14:49] Girish D: Shai – I was about to say the same. rollovers might make it look worse than it should be
[14:51] Girish D: Shai – any chance developing profie is looking balanced?
[14:52] S T: FR NF ?
[14:52] S T: or BN
[14:52] Girish D: ST – NF
[14:52] S T: looks much balancd
[14:53] S T: seems Shai isnt on desk , so m replying to u πŸ™‚
[14:53] Girish D: Thanks! So tomorrow could got eithe way
[14:53] Girish D: *go either way
[14:53] S T: ys..probably today close wil b inside IB
[14:54] S T: Neutral centre may b
[14:54] S T: as both side RE faild so far
[14:54] Shai C: yes neutral day
[14:54] Shai C: NF / BN both balanced
[14:55] Girish D: Thanks.
[14:55] Shai C: 12834 spot is the ref level tom for more upsides
[14:59] Shai C: this delta in NF jan is rollovers
[14:59] Shai C: just pulled upo feb and delta there is alright
[14:59] r m: thanks
[14:59] Shai C: delta in BNF shows small unwinding at the top
[15:00] Shai C: usdinr expiry and RBI is happening ar the same trime tom
[15:00] Shai C: Rm RBI comes at 11 right?
[15:01] r m: normally yes
[15:01] Shai C: no for tom?
[15:01] r m: only after Subbu gets his Idly πŸ™‚
[15:01] r m: will check
[15:02] r m: yes 11:00 hrs
[15:03] Girish D: RM – similar to 6000CE not going below 50 bucks, 6100PE is not going below 40 rupees. I think previous low is 42 and today's low is 40.65
[15:03] S T: GD may b many strangles standign thr
[15:04] S T: expctign some big move after RBI
[15:04] Sachin : thinking 6.1K straddle @80 for tomm?
[15:04] Girish D: ST – that's quite possible. I never used to view the price of PE/CE having bounds but this series, I have been tracking the prices from the first day
[15:05] S T: ok..
[15:05] r m: 43 is the low on the charts today, 40.65 could be a freak tick
[15:05] S T: i feel 0.25 cut..wont excite mkt
[15:05] S T: either no cut or .50 wil b only eventful
[15:06] Shai C: morning buyers in NF are all gone now
[15:06] Shai C: *BNF sorry
[15:07] S T: RM..Sbi
[15:08] r m: SBI dreading Subbu's speech πŸ™‚
[15:08] r m: just took 20 minutes from IBL to 3IB
[15:09] r m: @ST, hope you were short with full position πŸ™‚
[15:11] S T: nono
[15:11] S T: ddint trade tht
[15:13] r m: ok
[15:14] Sachin : can u trade patterns with Renko? .. see 20 pt H&S with NL at IB Low
[15:14] Sachin : 20 pt Double Top worked well on BNF prior
[15:15] Shai C: neutral centre
[15:15] Shai C: trend day tom or a DD
[15:16] Girish D:  –> This series 6000CE has given 8 long trades with buy @60 or below and 50 SL. All of them have been profitable.
[15:16] Shai C: wow
[15:16] S T: πŸ™‚ Nice
[15:16] r m: even i took two of them but chickened out on friday πŸ™‚
[15:17] S T: n 6100 PE long @ 40-45 ? GD
[15:17] Sachin : nice analysis
[15:18] Girish D: ST – for 6100PE here is the spreadsheet
[15:19] Girish D: RM – I didn't take even one of them but this is the first time I did this kind of analysis. Will keep tracking such things from this series
[15:19] r m: Thanks Girish!
[15:20] S T: Thnk u girsih
[15:20] S T: GD ths workd becoz more thn 2-3 weeks we r in 100 pts range
[15:21] Girish D: yes ST. This was a total rangebound series so far
[15:22] S T: tell u r bias guys..RBI , hw much rate cut tomoro ?
[15:22] Girish D: ST – 0.25% is what I think
[15:23] S T: ok.. 0.5 i thnk
[15:23] S T: jst pure guess or dream may b
[15:23] Girish D: WoW – so ou expect 13k tomorrow πŸ™‚
[15:23] r m: 0 πŸ™‚
[15:23] r m: Subbu said the other day that inflation is still too high
[15:23] S T: later he also hinted rate cut
[15:24] r m: ok, i did not read that part πŸ™‚
[15:24] Girish D: RM – yes in general he has been conservative but he is known to give surprises – in either direction πŸ™‚
[15:25] r m: I think lately Chiddu has been leaning on him rather heavily and RBI Governors are good at revolting πŸ™‚
[15:25] S T: why is 2-3 oi reduction in 6200 CE
[15:25] r m: could be profit booking by writers?
[15:26] S T: may b
[15:26] S T: 6200 -5900 strangle @ 10 pts
[15:27] S T: if 100 pts move comes ..can gve 10 more
[15:27] S T: whts sya
[15:27] Shai C: BNF picking up again near close
[15:27] Girish D: ST – from my observation most of the OI in 6200CE has been added between 12 to 30 rupees. So writers may be booking out fearing something going against them tomorrow?
[15:28] Shai C: new money speculating
[15:28] S T: ok..GD possibl
[15:28] r m: 12800 straddle at 291, writers are wary!
[15:29] Girish D: Bye all. Have to rush for a mtg. Liking the new charts and lots of discussion today!
[15:29] Shai C: 291 is quite a lot
[15:29] r m: bye Girish
[15:29] r m: yes Shai
[15:29] Shai C: but 400 points possible tom
[15:30] Shai C: so should be profitable I guess on the buy side
[15:30] Shai C: Bye all
[15:30] r m: Thanks and bye all, have a nice evening πŸ™‚
[15:30] S T: bye all..