Trading Room Charts 13/02/14

All Charts are annotated .

The Auction market and delta did not move symmetrically today.

What can happen as a result tomorrow is either a pull back or a consolidation.

It’s difficult to get 2 trend days back to back.


Vwap of the trend day is at 10240 and will keep the seller in control

pull back high is at 10249

So seller in control and will sell a rise as long as 10249 is protected


10325- 10182 is a 3 day composite extreme range

Above 10182 can try intra longs for 10209 and 10240


6107 and 6036 are two extremes of the 3 day composite

Seller will not liquidate till NF stays below 6036


vwap of 6046 and pull back high of 6051 make it a 6036-6051 range for the seller to hold on friday