Trading room today

*** Shai **, Welcome to the Vtrender conference room!
[08:47] J C: GM folks!!!
[08:48] Shai C: GM all
[08:49] J C: Hi Shai…
[08:49] Sreeram N: GM all
[08:49] Pasi C: GM all
[08:49] Pasi C: HI Shai&JC
[08:50] J C: Hi
[08:53] r m: Good Morning folks!
[08:53] r m: Hi Shai, JC, SN, Pasi πŸ™‚
[08:54] J C: Hi Rm…
[08:54] Pasi C: Hi rm
[08:54] Shai C: sgx projection a weak open
[08:54] Shai C: out of range and value
[08:55] Shai C: 80 % projection for a quite OAOR type open
[08:55] Shai C: 20 % chances for OD or ORR
[08:56] Shai C:
[09:06] Vicky M: GM All πŸ™‚
[09:06] r m: Hi Vicky πŸ™‚
[09:07] Pasi C: Hi vicky
[09:07] Sreeram N: Hi RM
[09:07] Sreeram N: RM take a poll for 2day
[09:08] r m: ?
[09:08] Vicky M: hi RM πŸ™‚ hi Pasi πŸ™‚ hi Sreeram
[09:08] Sreeram N: take a poll of the room expectation on upside or downside for 2day
[09:09] r m: @SN, will have to ask Shai to do that πŸ™‚
[09:09] Sreeram N: πŸ™‚
[09:09] r m: He has a polling setup i think
[09:09] Sreeram N: k
[09:10] r m: but in any case, silent one won't vote and we three or four can always splurge our opinion here πŸ™‚
[09:11] Sreeram N: No RM someone has suggested to have a poll in the room
[09:11] r m: ok
[09:11] Sreeram N: I forgot who suggested it
[09:11] Shares Trader: GM ALL
[09:11] r m: Hi ST πŸ™‚
[09:13] Pasi C: Once I made a request of polling ST
[09:13] Shares Trader: πŸ™‚ Hi
[09:13] Vicky M: GM ST πŸ™‚
[09:13] Shares Trader: polling for ?
[09:13] Shares Trader: GM guys
[09:13] Sreeram N: INR- 55.7
[09:14] Pasi C: *Once I made a request of polling  SN
[09:14] Shares Trader: if opens n sustains below bias down fr 5130-5080
[09:14] Pasi C: Hi ST
[09:14] Sreeram N: Ya Pasi
[09:14] Sreeram N: I forgot who requested
[09:14] Sreeram N: that day it is reverse of thr room expectation
[09:15] Sreeram N: Shai BN charts
[09:16] Shai C: BN making fresh multi week lows
[09:18] Sreeram N: 10430 +/- 20dma
[09:23] Shai C: I think the spot gap here is closed
[09:23] Shai C: from last series…
[09:23] Shai C: 5173 open- 5205- today's gap
[09:23] Shai C: 10437- 10483 in BN
[09:31] Shai C: 15 mins- playing out an OAOR
[09:31] Shai C: 5174- 5158= 16 points this far
[09:31] Shai C: when you see such opens you should not rush in with new positions
[09:35] Shares Trader:
[09:39] r m: Thanks ST
[09:40] Shai C: thanks ST
[09:41] Pasi C: good chart ST
[09:41] Shai C: thurs distribution was also gaussian
[09:41] Shares Trader: WC guys
[09:42] Shares Trader: rember Shai, i said chances of Breakdown as lot of volm build up near 5240-55
[09:42] Pasi C: were u short?@ST
[09:42] Shares Trader: as once it broker down frm earlier balance nevr tried to enter in tht previous zone again
[09:43] r m: 5240 is the series VAL (so far)?
[09:43] Shares Trader: yes pasi
[09:43] Pasi C: Good Trade ST
[09:43] Shares Trader: im stil nw out of balance too
[09:43] Pasi C: And u remember  some broker suggesting long 5180 sl @ST
[09:43] Pasi C: Just back testing the info ST
[09:44] Shares Trader: my trail stop is 5183
[09:44] Shares Trader: yes thts my broker pasi
[09:44] Shares Trader: n today thr stop triggerd
[09:44] Shares Trader: tht day we all were strong headed abt upside..n hit all stops
[09:44] Shares Trader: is tht right ?
[09:45] Pasi C: yes ST
[09:45] Pasi C: I was telling to u that "they will send u a message plz exit long position as we r below 5180" remember?
[09:45] Shares Trader: Shai, wht r HVN on downside
[09:46] Shares Trader: yeah..they did send today morning πŸ™‚
[09:46] Pasi C: -:)
[09:47] Shares Trader: HVN shai ?
[09:48] Shai C: 5092 now
[09:48] Shai C: 5144 is a minor supp
[09:48] Vicky M: so we are visiting 5092 πŸ™‚
[09:50] Pasi C: whats the trading strategy now?@shai
[09:51] Sreeram N: Shai BN any sell below
[09:53] Shai C: now wait for IB to complete to take new positions
[09:53] Shai C: Pasi we look to see if shorts from friday cover near here
[09:53] Pasi C: ok
[09:53] Shai C: there is no evidence yet of longs coming in
[10:07] Shares Trader: hvnt seen Kris around ? bzy ?
[10:08] r m: looks like that
[10:10] Shares Trader: ok
[10:17] Shai C: looks like some responsive buying in BN
[10:17] Shai C: dpoc moving up
[10:17] Shai C: has to move abv dvah for buyers to assume control
[10:26] Sreeram N: Shai can u zoom the NF chart
[10:30] Shai C: done
[10:30] Shai C: IB 20 points
[10:30] Shai C: 45 in BN is below avg
[10:31] Shai C: 5194 / 5134 are the projected 2IB's
[10:32] Shai C: 5194 is also the pull back low from the last rally from 5170 levels
[10:32] Shai C: weakness continues till 5194 is not crossed
[10:41] Shai C: 10490 is the number to watch in BN
[10:59] Pasi C: 390/490?
[11:01] Shai C: 10320 is a lower supp now
[11:02] Shai C: attempt to break IB low at 11.00 am
[11:02] J C: @shai..were is the std dev of the series vWap…
[11:03] Shai C: 5155 as of friday's close
[11:03] J C: tx
[11:06] Shai C: 10290- 10320 are two HVN's below
[11:06] Shai C: No sign of buyers yet- eyes open for signs of short covering only
[11:08] Shai C: profile is balancing in both NF and BN
[11:08] Shai C: did spot hit 5144?
[11:09] J C: 5147.05
[11:09] Pasi C: 5147
[11:15] Shai C: thanks
[11:16] Pasi C: anybody initiated any trades today
[11:17] Shai C: it's late to open new shorts and early to get into longs
[11:18] Pasi C: ok
[11:18] Shai C: abv wap one can attempt small longs and add abv IBH for 5194
[11:18] Shai C: same with BN abv IBH for 480-90
[11:18] Shai C: shorts made here will have very small stops just abv vwap
[11:25] Rahul Goel: hello all GM
[11:25] Rahul Goel: shai can we have silver charts for5 minutes
[11:28] Shai C: sure Rahul on screen now
[11:29] Rahul Goel: thanks shai
[11:47] Shai C: some big volumes coming in NF
[11:57] Dr Bansal *: 5255 can be entry level.
[11:58] Pasi C: for long?@ Bansal
[11:59] Shai C: safest is vwap
[11:59] Shai C: always
[12:08] Shai C: Bn floating down
[12:08] Jiignesh  -: ufff this silver…
[12:10] Vicky M: did we have Sell printed in OFL in nifty…?
[12:11] Jiignesh  -: @shai this addition will be very helpful
[12:12] Shai C: Yes Vicky on friday at 5120 approx
[12:12] Sreeram N: 5220 ??
[12:12] Shai C: @Jiignesh – what addition?
[12:13] Shai C: sell was at 5216
[12:13] Vicky M: thanks πŸ™‚
[12:13] Jiignesh  -: curr high-low-open
[12:13] Shai C: 5228/ 5214 algos
[12:13] Jiignesh  -: prev opn-
[12:13] Shai C: That is the weekly prices
[12:14] Shai C: OHLCV box has the day's open
[12:14] Sreeram N: Shai r we going to have trend day 2day ??
[12:14] Shai C: 52721 is last week's open in slv
[12:15] Shai C: SN BN is weak
[12:15] Jiignesh  -: ok
[12:15] Sreeram N: yes Shai but range is very small wat do u think
[12:15] Shai C: europe open is jitterty
[12:16] Sreeram N: BN
[12:16] Shai C: yes and besides below vwap line
[12:16] Shai C: avoid
[12:17] Vicky M: few algo's will come and drag us down :p
[12:19] Vicky M: Shai long long long back, there was a post on how to calculate where market will expire.. does that still work?
[12:19] Shai C: yes πŸ™‚
[12:19] Shai C: based on Vix right?
[12:19] Vicky M: yes πŸ™‚
[12:20] Vicky M: i think abt 2 years back if i am not wrong
[12:20] Sreeram N: Shai can u tell me the expire fig of BN as of now
[12:21] Vicky M:
[12:21] Shai C: SN just google up that post
[12:21] Shai C: Ah there it is
[12:21] Shai C: thanks Vicky
[12:23] Shai C: keep an eye on dpoc which is not pushing lower
[12:23] Shai C: 10416 still
[12:24] Sreeram N: Shai tell me the figure na plz
[12:24] Vicky M: with that calculation nifty should expire between 5136 to 5295 (if i calculated it right)
[12:24] Shai C: Ok Sreeram I will work it out
[12:25] Shai C: give me a few mins till europe opens
[12:25] Sreeram N: kk
[12:25] Sreeram N: I want it for BN
[12:25] Sreeram N: Thanks in advamce
[12:29] Shares Trader: 1 standard deviation = stock price * volatility * square root of days to expiration/365
[12:29] Shares Trader: was it ths shai ?
[12:29] Shares Trader: fr expiry range calculation
[12:30] Shai C: yes ST
[12:30] Shares Trader: whts vix nw..i wil put in excel sheet to get range
[12:30] Shai C: 18.17
[12:31] r m: 18.17
[12:31] r m: 18.17
[12:31] r m: oops πŸ™‚
[12:31] Shares Trader: thnx
[12:31] Shai C: europe's open with euro at 1.2109
[12:31] Shares Trader: 5052-5220
[12:31] r m: Thanks ST
[12:33] Shares Trader: nw wch has mor eoi
[12:33] Shares Trader: more oi ? 5200 or 5000
[12:33] Shares Trader: or 5100
[12:35] Shai C: current max is 5300
[12:35] Shai C: then 5000
[12:36] Shai C: If Kris was here he would speak about his havala price right here πŸ™‚
[12:36] Shai C: Rm that was 5149 right?
[12:36] r m: yes πŸ™‚
[12:38] Shares Trader: 5200 CE has more oi thn 5100 PE
[12:38] Pasi C: a trend day poss?@shai
[12:39] Sreeram N: Europe open ??
[12:39] Shai C: yes marginally more now
[12:40] Shai C: Pasi day is showing trending down slow movement
[12:40] Pasi C: ok
[12:42] Sreeram N: DPOC not coming down
[12:43] Shai C: 5233- 5038 based on that vix calculator
[12:48] Pasi C: big volumes at day lows in both NF&BN is that a responsive buyer?@shai
[12:48] Pasi C: or initiative seller
[12:49] Shai C: new selling post europe open
[12:52] Pasi C: ok
[12:56] Shai C: Sreeram 10506- 10115 range in BN
[12:56] Shai C: [12:43] Shai C: 5233- 5038 based on that vix calculator
[12:56] Pasi C: whats BN shorts sl shai
[12:58] Shai C: 10390 intra / 10490 swing
[12:58] Pasi C: ok
[12:58] Shai C: but we came very close to that first HVN at 10320
[12:58] Shai C: [11:06] Shai C: 10290- 10320 are two HVN's below
[12:59] Pasi C: ok
[13:03] Pasi C: any DD poss here?@shai
[13:04] Shai C: ternding down still
[13:04] Shai C: Trending*
[13:04] Pasi C: ok
[13:04] Shai C: has to move on top of the k print
[13:04] Shai C: apparoc 5142
[13:05] Shai C: *approx
[13:05] Pasi C: ok
[13:10] Pasi C: [09:31] Shai C: when you see such opens you should not rush in with new positions
[13:15] Shai C: spain is making the news at the open
[13:16] Shares Trader: near my morning target 5132-5080
[13:16] Shares Trader: first one nearly done
[13:16] Pasi C: Good trade ST
[13:17] Shares Trader: i missd tht chat post…
[13:17] Shares Trader: thnx
[13:18] Shai C: yes good one – 100 from your 5240
[13:18] Shares Trader: πŸ™‚
[13:18] Shares Trader: nw getting lil greedy..i thnk more to come before expiry
[13:19] Shares Trader: as today its slow bt initiative selling
[13:19] Shares Trader: right shai ?
[13:20] Vicky M: doesn't look like we will stop; i think we will go below 5100
[13:22] Shai C: yes- and no signs of buying or covering yet
[13:23] Sreeram N: Shai wat r the chances of testing VWAP here ??
[13:28] Vicky M: Shai in Expiry calculation: Closing Price will be 5205.10 ; days left to expiry : 3 ; vix 16.89
[13:29] Pasi C: market sentiment is negative SN
[13:29] Vicky M: time to touch Vwap/IBLOW
[13:30] Shai C: Sreeram trending down still, if you want to take the trade sl will be 5132
[13:34] Shai C: a buyer at 10342
[13:35] Sreeram N: From morning DPoc didn't come down
[13:35] Shai C: yes
[13:35] Sreeram N: can this can be a fall with low voumes
[13:35] Shai C: it means market is getting too short
[13:36] Vicky M: @Shai in Expiry calculation: Closing Price will be 5205.10 ; days left to expiry : 3 ; vix 16.89 ?? my calculations are not matching with (5233-5038)
[13:36] Sreeram N: means
[13:36] Shai C: I took current price and 4 days
[13:36] Vicky M: ok
[13:37] Vicky M: thanks
[13:37] Vicky M: now its matching
[13:37] Shai C: Sreeram it means that the new sellers are not getting value and if someone shows up straonmgle as a buyer, they will liquidate quickly
[13:38] Shai C: In other words, not strong hands
[13:38] Sreeram N: kk
[13:39] Pasi C: locals trying to buy but OTF blocked all goodies
[13:46] Sreeram N: I think now dpoc can come down to ps3 if it trades here
[13:52] Shai C: crude breaking down below 5020
[13:53] Shares Trader: 5118 VPOC rt ?
[13:53] Sreeram N: INR 56
[13:55] Shai C: that was covered on 26/6
[13:56] Shai C: I have one at 5092
[13:56] Shai C: but remeber 5111 as a level which held in expiry last month
[13:57] Shai C: BN not making fresh lows
[13:57] Shai C: 10322 held
[13:59] Dr Bansal *: shai,silver chart.
[13:59] Shares Trader: ok..some data mismatch thn i guess ..iv 5168 frm 28th June..n 5118 frm 26th
[13:59] Shares Trader: below tht 5092
[14:01] Shai C: u can say that the 26th is still valid as I see a FA there
[14:01] Shai C: may have been a few ticks
[14:02] Shares Trader: ys it held by few ticks
[14:02] Shai C: jeez- globe is getting uglier
[14:02] Shai C: crude selling/ usdinr increasing
[14:03] J C: since thrus..the fall has slowly crept up, withut any major news…
[14:04] J C: LTRO prep in action mayb…
[14:04] Shai C: 5100 is new center of option activity
[14:13] Shares Trader: 5200 PE as such hv not much premium na
[14:13] Shares Trader: only 3 pts
[14:15] Shares Trader: Shai, time to book shorts? retracemnts r lil big nw
[14:16] Shai C: impulse lower from IBL has stopped for now
[14:17] Shares Trader: k
[14:19] Shai C: 10330 algo
[14:19] Shares Trader: Shai , wasnt thr any Algo today in nF
[14:19] Shai C: looks like a seller
[14:19] Shares Trader: 11.42/11.43?
[14:19] Shai C: 5174/ 5166
[14:20] Shares Trader: ok
[14:35] Jiignesh  -: zoom silver chart
[14:36] Pasi C: no buyers no sellers
[14:38] Shai C: 10332 is a rollover
[14:39] Shai C: short rollover
[14:45] Shai C: mkt is looking to close at the lows
[14:45] Shai C: 5111 is NF objective
[14:45] Sreeram N: Shai can I take 5100 CE
[14:46] Shai C: take at close
[14:46] Sreeram N: thinking it may go upto dpoc 2morrow
[14:46] Shai C: yes thinking is right
[14:47] Sreeram N: k thanks
[14:47] Shai C: but for now we should see lower levels into the close
[14:47] Sreeram N: I wil take in the closing
[14:47] Vicky M: i doubt it will go up; i think we will slide further down
[14:47] Vicky M: till 5080/5090
[14:47] Jiignesh  -: gold chart plz
[14:48] Shai C: actually yes we are in the bracket of 5090- 5165 from june
[14:49] Shai C: so entry and staying within gives lower levels of the bracket
[14:51] Sreeram N: 2day missing Kris
[14:53] Shai C: 10291
[14:55] Vicky M: shai is nifty a buy if we get in vwap white bar again
[14:57] Shares Trader: if anyone really observign algos with small bars..keep noting down
[14:57] Shares Trader: one might find some pattern thr..
[14:59] Shai C: 5111
[15:00] Shai C: 3 ib day
[15:00] r m: 3ib + trend, bulls may get some relief tomorrow πŸ™‚
[15:01] Shai C: yes, plus golbe has sold off hard for 2 days
[15:01] Shares Trader: or may b last 2days of expiry
[15:01] Sreeram N: rm when it is a 3IB day next day we will test low in 1hr right ??
[15:01] Shares Trader: slaughteringgg
[15:01] r m: yes SN
[15:01] Sreeram N: k
[15:01] Sreeram N: how about open 2morrow at low & rally up
[15:02] Sreeram N: dpoc didn't moved in bith
[15:02] Shares Trader: i keep forgeting volm bar in it 14k Shai ?/RM ?
[15:02] r m: @SN, we will looks uncle DOW and decide πŸ˜€
[15:02] Sreeram N: sure
[15:02] r m: it used to be 17K ST πŸ™‚
[15:02] Sreeram N: uncle is in red as of now
[15:02] Shai C: 5100 pe holding up
[15:02] Shares Trader: thnk
[15:03] Vicky M: time to sell some 5000 PE for target 0 till expiry?
[15:03] Pasi C: kris must be busy in plotting trading strategies and suddenly comes and announces something SN
[15:03] Shai C: yes
[15:03] Shai C: sell near the close
[15:03] Vicky M: thanks
[15:04] Shai C: aug picture shows no reduction in pe's
[15:04] Shares Trader: may b thn it wil play in June range Shai  ws talking about
[15:04] Shai C: that shorting at 5100 ce will come under the scanner if naked
[15:05] J C: shai…if premkt us sells off…doesn't it recover in the mkt hrs…
[15:05] J C: ie does better than premkt…usually
[15:05] Shai C: yes
[15:05] Shai C: pre mkt is usually shorter term
[15:05] Shai C: they cover near the open
[15:06] J C: k..tx
[15:06] Sreeram N: Shai wat is the level to look for bulls to close above
[15:06] Sreeram N: I bought 5100CE @45
[15:06] Shares Trader: nearly 1 lk Oi up in 5100 CE in klast hr…RM ?
[15:07] Pasi C: BN can be gap down?shai
[15:07] r m: @ST, i have not monitored intraday πŸ™
[15:08] r m: let me check on NOW
[15:08] Shares Trader: ok
[15:08] Shai C: SN trade is safe abv 5160
[15:08] Sreeram N: RM do u have amibroker
[15:09] Sreeram N: ha ha Shai it won't close over their na
[15:09] r m: @SN, yes but using ninjatrader these days except for EOD data
[15:09] Sreeram N: kk
[15:10] Sreeram N: can u check for me RSI 5,1 intraday NF
[15:10] r m: @ST, increase in OI 1.7 lakh, 1.6 lakh, 4.1 lakh and .3 lakh hourly in 5100CE intraday
[15:11] Shares Trader: thnx alot RM..
[15:11] r m: @SN, don't have data on amibroker and don't have RSI indicator in NT πŸ™
[15:11] Sreeram N: kk NO probs
[15:12] Shares Trader: wch TF u wnt SN
[15:12] Shares Trader: to chk RSI
[15:12] Sreeram N: I think now it will be around 95
[15:12] Sreeram N: & in range bound market 2morrow should be a up day
[15:12] Sreeram N: lets see wat happens
[15:12] Sreeram N: Shai is this shortcovering or buying
[15:13] Shai C: covering
[15:13] Shai C: no buying yet
[15:13] Sreeram N: k
[15:13] Shai C: 5160 is not intra view
[15:13] Sreeram N: 2morrow we shall have buy in OF in bith
[15:13] Shai C: swing
[15:13] Sreeram N: *both
[15:13] Sreeram N: heights of expectation πŸ™‚
[15:14] Shai C: This OF signal gave 100 in NF
[15:14] Sreeram N: ya
[15:14] Shai C: 300 in BN
[15:14] Sreeram N: 2morrow another 100 in buy
[15:14] Sreeram N: & expiry @ 5220
[15:14] Shares Trader: i thnk 140 shai in NF
[15:21] Shares Trader: % wise 5100 PE did 360% + today
[15:22] Shares Trader: frm 7 to 30
[15:22] Sreeram N: I am sure would be holding it
[15:24] r m: 5100PE has seen last hour reduction of over 2.5 lakh in OI
[15:25] Sreeram N: wat does that indicate rm ?
[15:26] r m: the writers think that there is further downside
[15:26] Shares Trader: means Put writers of tht strike hv coverd..
[15:28] r m: dpoc shifts to 5120 in NT
[15:28] Shares Trader: yes
[15:29] Shares Trader: 2min TF na ?
[15:29] Shai C: these NT guys are giving IRT a complex πŸ™‚
[15:29] r m: volume bars
[15:29] r m: lol
[15:29] Shares Trader: ok…i see Shai shifting to NT too
[15:30] Shares Trader: lol
[15:30] Pasi C: Bye all
[15:30] Shai C: 5122/ 10301
[15:30] r m: Thanks friends, bye all, have a great evening πŸ™‚
[15:30] Shares Trader: bye all
[15:31] Shai C: trend day down, but a slow one
[15:31] Shai C: bye all
[15:33] Jiignesh  -: shai when thus narrow range will solver πŸ™
[15:35] Shai C: in silver?
[15:35] Jiignesh  -: both PM
[15:35] Shai C: the HVN there holding up the action
[15:35] Jiignesh  -: this is sucking blood
[15:36] Shai C:
[15:36] Shai C: wait till 53100 crosses to take longs
[15:36] Jiignesh  -: ok
[15:36] Jiignesh  -: at the
[15:37] Jiignesh  -: moment i m short
[15:37] Shai C: yes we are below vah
[15:37] Jiignesh  -: ha
[15:37] Shai C: 52875 or 52938 are stops
[15:37] Jiignesh  -: ok
[15:37] Jiignesh  -: what abt gold
[15:38] Shai C: 29140 is a buyer
[15:38] Shai C: small range
[15:38] Shai C: 29600 tgt
[15:38] Jiignesh  -: yes thats was fibo number too
[15:38] Shai C: vah at 29235 means longs are right
[15:39] Jiignesh  -: ok
[15:39] Shai C: but I mentioned that the gold/ silver ratio is broken
[15:39] Jiignesh  -: both th PM near 52week low at comex
[15:39] Shai C: hence the whipsaws and the conflicting signals
[15:39] Jiignesh  -: but here we r not getting any trending move
[15:40] Jiignesh  -: silver was 1.75% down at comex
[15:40] Jiignesh  -: here flat only
[15:40] Shai C: has to do with INR
[15:41] Jiignesh  -: yes rite
[15:41] Jiignesh  -: smaller range means
[15:41] Jiignesh  -: more wipshaws
[15:41] Jiignesh  -: and that means more loss
[15:41] Shai C: it's right according to this : gold fut x inr / 3.1 + 36
[15:42] Jiignesh  -: 36 is appx
[15:43] Shai C: yes . what is the ecise you pay now?
[15:43] Shai C: excise?
[15:43] Jiignesh  -: we r not payig πŸ™‚
[15:43] Shai C: since when?
[15:43] Jiignesh  -: v r not importer because
[15:44] Jiignesh  -: that
[15:44] Jiignesh  -: not have that much knowledge
[15:44] Shai C: No- the industry pays right?
[15:44] Jiignesh  -: yes industry pays
[15:44] Shai C: roughly about 36 bucks
[15:45] Jiignesh  -: yes appx 35-36 is rite
[15:45] Shai C: but yes you can choose to ignore it from the calculation
[15:45] Jiignesh  -: 4% is import duty
[15:46] Jiignesh  -: its abt 120
[15:46] Shai C: that is the new one?
[15:46] Jiignesh  -: yes currently 4%
[15:47] Shai C: 1572.6 x 56/ 3.1 should give the indian rate
[15:47] Jiignesh  -: yes
[15:48] Jiignesh  -: 3.11 is right one πŸ™‚
[15:48] Shai C: ok. I'm off . see u later
[15:49] Jiignesh  -: bye