Vtrender 2

Vtrender Live will have a new platform for all of us and an ability to carry audio and video.This will be an interactive trading room where we can interact live.

Our offering is subdivided into two parts :

Vtrender Mornings
:This will be a 60 minute presentation.Here we will review the open and see what kind of a day we can expect and the range movement.I plan to project my charts to you and mark out important reference points for us to take action when needed. Here we will also look at swing trading candidates, review existing positions and short list a watch list for the next few days.

Vtrender Afternoon : This will start at 2.45 and go to the close. This is a post-mortem of the day’s activity, important for signs of continuity or change.

During the day, we will be available in the trading room where we can take your messages or give inputs on the emerging market action.

The audio will be only for the two sessions mentioned above and can be muted should you desire.

My trading screen will be live throughout the day.

Subscribers will be given access to the new Vtrender Live site which will have updates.

We also plan to provide sms updates on all the calls.

Subscription to Vtrender2 is INR 3999/- only.To the right of the screen, is the ‘subscribe’ option which you can use to pay by paypal, credit or debit cards.

If you wish to transfer money online from your account, then please send a mail to Vtrender@gmail.com, and we will guide you on the procedures.

After you subscribe please send us your name and contact details with a confirmation copy of the transaction and we will mail you the set-up details.

All other correspondence or queries to be sent to Vtrender@gmail.com.