Vtrender Workshop – Some QnA

Our Online Intensive and Progressive Videos and our 2- day workshops are an integral part of a trader's journey with himself and in the markets.. They set the groundwork for you to understand the knowledge that Shai teaches and are designed to fully prepare you for your path through the markets.

Shai wants you to master the knowledge and make it an integral part of your daily process.

The 2 day workshop will not make you a better trader, but it will definitely start you on the path to being one.

It’s 2 days and Live with topics on #MarketProfile and #Orderflow covered from basics to advanced Level 1. These 2 days should give you a good grounding in the subject and allow you to modify your approach to the markets and think about taking trades as a professional trader would.

The 2 days is just theoretical knowledge and never enough to master the game called trading which is heavily depended on your execution and quick thinking abilities.

Indeed, you may be well versed with all the theory in the text books but if you cannot pull the trigger or know how to execute in a live Market situation, all that time spent in workshops is meaning less

We understand this, and hence insist that you join in on a 1 month program live in the Vtrender Trading room, which is the best forum in the country today, to take actionable advise on a moving market, based on actual information coming through.

 If you want lasting results, you have to do some things regularly 

The cost of this one month mentoring, which is so crucial to your growth as a trader is included in the cost of your workshop ticket.

So it is actually 2 days of the workshop + one month in the Vtrender Trading Room + one month of the Training Library ( where you would again revise the concepts and setups shared) which is what the 2 day orientation will cover.

To register direct – https://in.explara.com/e/trade-like-a-pro-delhi-feb-29th-march-1st

Here are a few more questions which are often asked 

Yes. We start from the basics and move upwards. You can easily pick up on the subject and grow with it. 

Of course not. We give you a start. You cannot learn the markets in 2 days even 2 months, but we help you with a foundation to get started .

The MarketProfile has charts which are different from the others in the market. You can find examples of these charts in the Charts section of this website

They are free at www.vtrender.com and available in the charts section

At Vtrender we do not sell any software or charts. We are invested in developing your skill sets as a trader. For charts you can google . To learn how to use charts and develop your skills look up the Trading Room section. 


An open and an exploitative mind. Your progress is determined by your will , your determination, your efforts and your practice

No. You can continue to be a member of the Slack team and use the charts to grow even more 

The cost of the Vtrender Trading Room is INR 99999/- for a full 12 months. We also have a one month plan at INR 14999/-

Details at – https://vtrender.com/pricing/

The trading Room has like minded traders all of who are dedicated to conquering the markets with lots of energy every day.

You can choose to be a part of this energy.

It will provide you an accelerated path towards your goals

Whom would you be comparing us to? As far as we know, no one works as comprehensively with traders as we do. We understand that there are no short cuts and have cleared a path for you to follow through our own experience in this field. We want to be the path for you. 

Only you know what you would be losing if you are not inclined enough. 

Of course you are entitled to that view, but we believe that training is an ongoing process. You have to invest in your learning and till you hit 10000 hours of training you are not a master. 

The wise man always keeps asking questions. The fool thinks he knows everything.

Yes we have live and steaming charts in the Vtrender Trading Room of both Market Profile and the Orderflow 

Of course it does!

Works across instruments on all exchanges across all countries. Is used by commodity, currency and bond traders also. 

We don’t and it is not needed.

We believe in specialization. Instead of running around chasing 50 scrips, it’s best you focus your energies om 1 or 2 indices and employ all strategies there . 

Of course you can! 

Best results are when you work in a group of like minded individuals who have similar goals as you.