Weekly Report

Girish our resident Open Interest analyst, has done an excellent post on the Open Interest configuration in this post here earlier this morning.

We believe that Options traded on the NSE are institution driven and a change in the Open Interest (or a lack of) can have pointers to the general market direction.

Let’s marry the Open Interest analysis to what Market profile is saying.

Let’s look at the Nifty weekly chart.

Niftyweekly1 Weekly Report

It’s been a side ways to an upmove market in the Nifty for the past few weeks.

The market has shown an inclination to rotate around the 5485 region, which is also the zone where the highest volume has been traded.

The past two days have each had a range of 30 points from high to lows.

Profile tells us that this activity indicates a ‘balancing act’ as also the fact that this level has been accepted as good value by both buyers and sellers in the market.

The largest volumes always trade at good trade facilitation points which in our case is the 5485 region.

Going forward this region will serve as a big reference point in the coming months.

The ‘balancing act’ would be a ‘doji’ in candlestick analysis, but the profiler would know that it serves as a continuation of the move which has come.

But one look at the open interest will tell you that the upmove will be a labored one from here.

The better index for a strong upmove is the Bank Nifty.

Have a look at this beautiful uptrend.

Bankniftyweekly Weekly Report

The shaded regions are the value areas and you can see through consecutive weeks how value has been established upwards.

The only change was in the week beginning 23rd August which incidentally formed a ‘p’ shape indicating long liquidation.

There is a small seller at 11000 in this index, but the way in which 10925 ( a previous daily VAL) was defended on the daily charts ( incidentally also a double bottom on hourly) it points to new momentum above 11039.

You do know that figure don’t you?.