Change of Prices – Vtrender Trading Room

A message to the community.

Dear Traders,

We’re writing to inform you that on Aug 1, 2020, the list price of the Vtrender Trading Room (VTR)  to all new members joining will increase 


 to NR 19999/- for the Monthly Plan, 

to INR 49999/- for the quarterly Plan 

& INR 149999/- for the Annual Plan.

These rates are inclusive of taxes

This change does not affect any of the existing members of the community (those with an active plan with us) , who will continue to keep their Vtrender Room Plan active at all existing rates and will continue to enjoy the same rate benefits

We aim to move forward with our mission of working even more closely with our existing group of traders interested in pursuing an edge with the Market Profile and the Order Flow.

Why are you increasing prices?

We have been ringing changes consistently to the processes we have at work at Vtrender.

•We have moved from sharing of 1 screen with traders, to 4 screens now, each packed with cutting edge information not available with any other charting service provider or vendor any where else in the country today.

•Our Quants are now fueling the next leg of the growth story.

•Our emphasis on adapting and improving the #Marketprofile and #Orderflow to the environment we have at the NSE, has been completed and we have moved from theory to execution some time back

•We are ready for change in the future, including possible changes in our trading environment , due to but not restricted to the emergence of darkpools and hence need for  indicators such as the DIX and the GEX. We are ready. Bring it on!

Training Library Reloaded

Our Training library has already the very best of the #marketprofile and the #orderflow. In it, you have some actionable trading insights and strategies of the kind used by most professional traders across the globe today.

Check out the TL at –

The way we use Orderflow , specific to the charts we have , including an emphasis on the concepts and strategies we talk about is pioneering work and not done by any other trader/ trading institution anywhere else today. These concepts and strategies are a result of the work done in the past decade not just with our systems, but also inputs gathered from a large section of traders in the community, both successful and those who failed. We have been able to pin- point the exact formula needed for you to change your trading life with the #orderflow.

As we move into phase 2 of the Training Library, we are starting as section called #rewired which will have more cutting edge views and deeper insights to make the most of what we  know.

Look forward to the launch of Phase 3 in the Training Library, where we explore the relationship between YOU and the SYSTEM you know. This is the final frontier to conquer for the trader who is struggling. If your personal reality of today is your personality of today and the system of trading you know of today, is also your reality, then a coherence between the two is what you need to have the perfect trading experience ever. We will show you how to let go of your past trading failures , build the confidence in yourself to take on strongly the challenges of the market with a transparent system and a better “you”. This is a journey of your self, where you move from the past to the sweet spot of the generous present moment which has all in it to shape the future you ever wanted. 

What does this mean to me?

No change – For existing VTR members 

As a current member of the Vtrender Trading Room, all the content of this post, can be ignored by you. You would continue in the same plan and enjoy all the benefits inclusding all future enhancements. We will continue to renew you at your current rate as long as you keep the account active

A small change – For members joining VTR for the first time

There will be a marginal increase in costs for you, but you do get all the benefits our existing community already enjoys and the additional benefit of working with a team which knows what to do and what to avoid. We are better than ever before!

Those rejoining Vtrender after a break

We will be happy to continue to offer the member discount rate, but it will be billed on the new prices post Aug 1, 2020. 

Where can I learn more?

You can read more about these changes at


The Vtrender Team