Give a man a fish…

They say if you give a man a fish, he will eat it for a day,

Copy Of Copy Of Untitled 1 Give A Man A Fish...

but if you teach them how to fish, he will eat it for a lifetime.

Show Him How To Fish He Will Eat For A Lifetime Give A Man A Fish...

Showing you how to fish, so  that you become an independent trader working with market generated information and with the ability to stay in the present and work on present information is what the Vtrender trading room is all about.

So the one reason you should NOT join the Vtrender Trading Room is if you are looking for tips and get rich quick schemes.

You should however think of joining, if you are looking for valid working strategies to trade the market , of the kind, which will last you a lifetime. 

We have a great performance record, thanks to the wonderful trading strategies we use, but the vast majority of people who choose the Vtrender trading room, choose it, because we are the only forum in the country today, which can walk you through a trade from concept to initiation to closing with the reasons explained. 

We are about live analysis and working with live information. We do not do post-mortems and elaborate weekly reports sent over nonworking hours which are of little use to anyone.


Trading is all about being in the moment and ready to act on the information which the market presents an opportunity. The Vtrender trading room is all about showing you how to respond to the opportunity which presents itself. We have unique strategies which respond to the major moves of the markets. We do not believe in putting the entire market in one strategy or fitting it into a box because the markets are too dynamic to be adapted to any one strategy or to be fit into a box.

No one can make money on the buying and selling of others.

But if you could position yourself with strategies which work, a lifetime of opportunity waits for you

If you believe in exploiting the full extent of the opportunity available we have a training library for you to train yourself and be ready for whatever the market throws at  you and we also have live analysis using the same strategies discussed in the training library that you can see for yourself how real traders trade every day.

Indeed, experience is the biggest teacher and the best learning happens when concepts meet execution, so that the learning becomes cemented for life and permanent.

Now you do this every day, over a period, you have created a new trader inside of you, one who is ready to take on whatever the market is throwing at it.

For that you would also need to give the Market TIME.

Most people overestimate what they can do in a month, and under-estinate what can be achieved over a period of one year with consistent efforts.

Infact, the markets would be around, a year from now, 10 years from now, 50 years too. 


Question is would you be around to trade them?