Launching- Overnights

Now is the time again

The Vtrender Trading Room has always been focussed on spotting trade opportunities in the intra-day domain


Starting Aug series we will be expanding the scope of the work we do with another product called Overnights 

You Have To Get Used To The Uncertain Situation Launching- Overnights

What is overnights?

Overnights would be a new product where we carry the position for 1 night or a sum of 2-3 nights


Since carrying a position involves higher risk, all overnights will be a hedged exposure with direction or the lack of it secured through another condition.

Overnights require added capital to meet the margin commitments of the brokerage and the exchanges.


Capital is the key to all that we do in markets and without a capital, you simply do not have a ticket in  the markets


Overnights will have safety features added to limit risk and to preserve capital. We hope to generate a higher alpha through utilisation of the many opportunities the markets keep providing between the close and the next open.

How much capital do I need to trade Overnights

A good capital to start off with would be INR 500000.


Trade legs would involve both buy side and sell side plays of options.


We do not want to restrict money making opportunities because of inadequate capital. Hence 5 L is a good start.


The better news is that capital can be built well over time.

What are the charges?

It’s a free product for Vtrender Trading Room members.


We value the traders who trust us with their time and their capital and strive to provide them multifold returns for it.


Overnights will always be free for  the Vtrender Trading Room community. 

There is an Order in the flow of the derivatives market

Big money works differently from most retail traders. There is structure and a provision for risk.


It’s not left for chance and they manage a position when it goes against them.

They are also not worried about taking an immediate loss, when the market turns against them, knowing fully well that the market will provide plenty more opportunities for them to recover if capital is not wasted away.

 We will follow the working of Big Boys and the Big Funds in the Overnights.

Our first trade is already out

The system we work with is honed through years of live market trading and knowledge of MarketProfile and the Orderflow.

We know how the markets think and how they run and are ready to run along side.

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