Making sense April 2022

April continues to Yo-YO

The Month of April started with a few sessions of big gains in continuation of the momentum seen from mid of March, but by the close had given up all gains and finishes lower.


The Nifty was down 1.26% for the month.


we saw the change in momentum and mostly went defensive in the second half of the month 


The Vtrender strategy book returned 5.2% for the month 

Tradesheet Apr2022 Making Sense April 2022 Performance

April was tough to trade as volatility again rose and the ratios of open to close and prev close versus current open continues rising.

It’s always a sign of added volatility in the markets when these rise.

Summaryapr1 Making Sense April 2022 Performance

The process we follow along with the Orderflow charts are keeping us steady as the markets continue into a 2 way mode.

We expected all of 2022 to be a 2 way auction and the markets continue to run the same way.


A foxes on a thorough process with the disciple to stick to it is the only way to trade such markets.


Every trader knows that he will have losses and sometimes the losses can be at several days on a stretch. Anybody who tells you otherwise has not traded the markets, however convincing he may be to you and me. Fact remains that there are losing trades and winning trades and a focus on the process will help a trader sail through losing trades.


Your process is what makes you into a good trader and if you follow that process day in and day out you have a long term career in the markets.


At Vtrender we take 2 to 5 trades every day and we work LIVE with our traders with a LIVE process which is explained to all in the Training Library.


The execution is done through the Orderflow charts and the setups we know .


All trades are done live.


If you want to trade live with us, head over to the Trading Rooms section and choose a plan right for you.

See you there.