MarketProfile Performance report in July 2020

The power of trading with the NOW

We work with the solid foundation of the MarketProfile and use the Orderflow to navigate in the decision making.

Listed below are the trades we took from the concepts listed in the Training Library and used the power of the Orderflow charts to fine tune the entries and the exits.

All trades taken below in July were explained in the Training Library which gives us the foundation for the trading strategies and executed with the power of the information in the “Now” which is the Orderflow.


And we have successfully navigated a bear, a sideways market and a bull so far in 2020 and only MarketProfile and the awesome COT has kept our noses ahead as the markets keep testing novice traders

performance report of MarketProfile

We make a difference .
we want to be a path for you.

People who put their trust with us in January are smiling and many of them have doubled their capital ,  still actively trading and making money.

An entire generation of traders, was wiped out  in Feb and March as they trade with obsolete systems of trading belonging to the 80’s and the 90’s.

The trading world has changed and you no longer can remain ancient.

You have to be trading with new methods to keep your nose ahead in this game.

Full access to the Training Library is included in all our plans

The training library is the “MBA”/ “PHD” you need in these markets to take on other professional traders and be as good as them. Without an education, they will eat you alive.

The training Library builds the foundation for you.

The actual learning happens in the Vtrender Trading Room, where you meet other traders who trade these concepts and our moderators will show you how to implement trading strategies in a live market environment.


That’s right- A live market .


Because all those weekend webinars and youtube videos will not help you make money.

Only people who can trade live can help you.

And in the Vtrender Trading Room we Trade Live.

No post mortems , no post market analysis and definitely no weekend – Maine Bola Tha.

We are live with you,  every second of the trading day.

Join us – We know what to do and we can show you how!

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