Mid Month report

We are on trac

We are on track for a good October series. Our trades and setups have worked fine and we should be able to finish October on a very strong note

The Market Volatility got to us in the last week of September and we surrendered some gains to the market 

A running analysis of the system and plenty of pondering over contract notes helped rectify the gaps creeping in the system.


Since then we are back to our best and trades are working right, as they have been.


Here is a mid- month update.

We are up 5.7% for the month of October already with half of the month still to play out. 

Mid Oct Report Mid Month Report

At Vtrender we strongly believe in our systems which we have honed overs years of knowing and trading the markets live.

You can have a few bad days and sometimes can lose form also.

But it is important to keep the belief and keep working the system you know.


Traders who jump from one program to the next never win. I have spoken on this here – https://www.vtrender.com/making-sense-june-july-2022/


Traders who work their process everyday irrespective of the outcome of the process get a lifetime reward from the markets


A little bit done right every day over a long period of time can show the magic of compounding which is what the markets are about.  You plant the tress and water it , taking care of it every day. The fruits have to come. 


Along with the proper process you need to have a good capital management plan. Good traders would not risk more than 3% of their capital in any 1 trade. New bie traders put their entire capital on 1 trade and lose to the markets . We ask all our traders to risk 1% when they start and move to 3% when they are confident .


Too much chopping and changing of position sizes leads to big losses . 


A strong working process and a rock solid money management plan are the 2 shoulders you need to trade these markets. The trades above are calculated on a risk per trade of 1% only.

All the best for Oct.