Performance record in Aug on MarketProfile and Orderflow strategies

The Performance record

We work out of a number of strategies in the Vtrender Trading Room. Yes we do not limit ourselves to one or two, as the markets are not the same everyday and we need to adapt to what the market is doing.

All these strategies are described in the Training Library and the 12 video lessons running over 10 hours are designed to make sure you complete the transition from a retail trader to a Pro trader who trades the market for what it is.

How did the strategies fare in Aug?

We work on the intra day time scale and try to maximize all the opportunities the markets constantly give us.

In August we beat the Nifty again for a gain of 13.2 % during the month. 

All trades are taken on a 1% risk model only .

There are many more trades taken both off the charts and live in the room but listed above are the conservative trades with excellent trade facilitation and low risk to high reward.

We had 26 such opportunities in Aug and all trade setups were from the Training Library. The win ratio was 2: 1.

Listed above is the Nifty expiry to expiry performance. As can be seen the highest returns are in April at 14.1% and the worst returns for the Nifty are 25.7% down in March

The Vtrender Trading Room strategies on the other hand are designed to be steady across all kinds of markets.

To the right on the histogram in blue,  you can see how our strategies performed in March when the market was going down sharply and in April also when the market was up sharply. 

The blue histogram on the right shows , no matter what the market environment is whether it is Up, Down or sideways, the Vtrender Trading Room strategies are designed to set you on the right track irrespective of what the market is doing.

The reason – Volumes Lead Price.

and we are at the forefront of all the Volume analysis done in this country today.

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The training library is offered completely free to all new Vtrender Trading Room members. It has 12 videos running over 10 hours and 10 different strategies of the kind, professionals of the market employ.

The Vtrender Trading room membership starts at INR 16949+ GST.

We recommend the quarterly plan , as it gives you a big enough window to know the difference Market Profile and Orderflow can do to your trading account in up, down and sideways markets.

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