Performance update of MarketProfile strategies used in the Vtrender Trading Room

As 2020, came to a close, we kept up with our unique trading strategies which we have evolved through years in the application of the MarketProfile and the Orderflow.

These strategies are explained in depth in the Training Library at –

There are 12 basic lessons which form the basis for all the strategies we employ. You can check out the foundation video to know more.

The unique aspect of the Vtrender Trading Room is that we are one of the few people who can walk you through a trade from concept to execution.

The markets are not about theory and a You Tube education or a seminar video will never make you a good trader. But when you are surrounded by a group of traders who trade a specific way and you can see the trade unravel in a live moving market, the experience is big enough to alter perceptions and impact lives . Life changes the moment you make the decision that you are in charge and that you are a 100% responsible for your results and as we move into 2021 there is an excellent platform in place for you to get results for your self.

Indeed, there never has been a better time than today to be a derivatives short term trader!

Here’s a look at how our strategies paid off.

We use more than 1 , cos the markets are too big to fit them into 1 box or adapt one strategy.



In Dec the Nifty moved 7.66% from lows to Highs

Against this movement of the index our strategies made us 35.14%.

Indeed all we require is a market to move, up or down does not matter . As long as there is movement, our strategies will reward you and keep you ahead.


We have beaten the move of the index by 4 X in the past 4 months and we are extremely proud of the same.


Sept was a negative month for the Nifty but even in a down market we got the results we sought!

As you would see the returns are higher in the last quarter of the year as we transitioned to the advanced Orderflow charts which promise to keep us ahead in the year of 2021 and beyond.

You can have a look at these charts here =


So between cutting edge charts and refined MarketProfile and Orderflow strategies, we are not surprised with the returns we have been generating.

We are in the zone. We are a path in the forest. We see things better than others cos this is our focus, not that we are better than the others, but more focused we most definitely are.

Do remember, success is not an accident. People who are successful follow a consistent, logical path  of action for the same.


If you want to join the group and trade with Power in 2021, then move to the Trading Room section of the website and choose a longer duration plan.

The markets work best for people who allow Time to work for them , not against them. So don’t challenge your self with a new method and new strategies and expect results in 30 days. You cannot be so hard on your self, but if you allow your self time and are ready to work with yourself, then there is an entire new experience waiting for you on the other side

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