Volume Spikes – How to exploit them

How to trade Volume Spikes?

If you traded the market actively this past week, then 2 things would have stood out for you- 

a) the market was in a range ( easily found out by many)

b) the change at the extremes of this range was sudden and produced a large price swing. 

 I’m going to focus on the point b) ‘cos not may would write to you about exploiting the opportunity seen here as point b forms  ( They don’t for they themselves do not know)

Point b) happens all the time.

A large volume suddenly enters and price swings away big. This catches traders off guard.

Those who are in the move end up losing more than half of the profits and those on the opposite side of the move walk always frustrated and angry.  

Point b) happened in the following way this week.

In the Vtrender Trading Room you can see this Live as it happens 


a) How the Volumes come in ( and whether they can be exploited for profits)

b) How the LLT ( large lot trader) changes the equation by quickly upsetting the demand/ supply

c) How to identify this “tipping point”

d) How to exploit the counter move for profit  


Point d is where the “shock” comes in destroying profits but if you can spot it you will walk away with handsome profits. 

 And there is much much more.  

This is just one of the many OrderFlow trading strategies we have and which we use routinely in the Vtrender Trading Room.  


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