We thought you should know about Feb 2021

The month of Feb ended up giving up most of the gains made from early Feb and the Nifty was up 9.2% for the month. We creamed the index around with our cutting edge trading strategies and ended with 29.78% gains. We just thought you should know.

Jan was a bigger series and the performance strategies of the Vtrender Trading Room hit 39.3% in Jan . You can check out the trades of Jan at – https://vtrender.com/we-thought-you-should-know-jan-2021/

Feb was a smaller month with a big event in the form of the Union budget at the top end, an event which our money management system advises to trade with reduced risk always. With that being done , we still managed 29.7% in Feb in the reduced number of sessions.

Most people think getting trades right is the job of a trader. For consistent performances of the kind we have in the Vtrender Trading Room, our money management model of defining risk in terms of capital employed in the professional way to handle trades. you can check out our approach at https://vtrender.com/risk-management-on-calls/

Indeed, with a consistent size of capital in a trade and a robust trading process you can chart a long term career path in the markets. Miss out on any one of the two, and you could be giving your self un- necessary headaches.

consistency compounds

The new series is well and truly underway for March and has been magnificient in the two way fast paced moves we have seen. We love fast paced volatile moves , which is where our system of #Orderflow has a huge edge, as we keep tracking the people who bring the big changes to the markets. We are up already 7.2% for March and the first expiry is not yet done!!

Turn it up!

The trading system, the charts, the community are all designed to make sure the best traders realise their full potential and those that are starting off understand what the big world of trading is all about. 


We are confident of our methods, which is why, we are live not just with our charts, but also with our analysis and execution of trades live in the markets every day.


No post mortems for us, of what the day was. That is for the reporters.

We are traders ! We trade a Live Market ! And we believe in doing everything Live! 


Pick up a ticket in the Vtrender Trading Room to know more.