We thought you should know April 2021 series

We cleared the series of April with gains of 27.3% and a win percentage nearing 70% on a 100 plus trades.

Tradesheet Apr2021 We Thought You Should Know April 2021 Series Intraday Trading Strategies

Thanks to the awesome Orderflow and the best framework from the MarketProfile, we continue to keep our noses ahead, month over month.

We clocked a win rate of 70% for April.

We also had a win rate of 74% in March. You can check March performance at – https://vtrender.com/we-thought-you-should-know-march-2021-series/

Trading is a process, a journey . The markets keep throwing riddles at you and your system has to be good enough to solve all of them.

You + System > System

Most people think that a set of signals are enough to win over the markets . That’s not true. The markets have become faster and smarter and the survival is only for the best.


if you know your system well, you need to also know when to deploy it against the moves of the market. You have to be involved in the process.


The game has been over for people who kept themselves away from the markets through March and April and allowed only their systems to trade for them. The market punished that arrogance and people who still were too stubborn to adapt were taken out.


You need to be involved in the process to make money.


You + System > System

You + System > You

Looking ahead to May

The markets have coiled nicely and May would be the month of opportunity. And we are ready to go.

We will be ready with our : 

Live Trades + Live charts + Live analysis + Live commentary – all in market hours everyday

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