We thought you should know March 2021 Series

March was not a good month for positional traders. From almost a gap a day to fast pacy moves of 100-200 points in the Nifty, the series of March was for the Intra - day traders who know their process and have well defined plans of execution.

March was lower by 5.12%. The Vtrender Trading strategies based on the MarketProfile and the Order Flow went up 36.3%

In Feb we did 29.78%. Details of the Feb trades at – https://vtrender.com/we-thought-you-should-know-about-feb-2021/

Our win percentage during the series went up to 74.4% . That’s a very proud number for us, because we trade not 2 of 4 times a week or a month, but about 80- 100 times in a series and to maintain that consistency over that period live with a group of experienced traders who know the market well is a proud moment.

work a process

The markets cannot be traded with whims and fancies and juvenile methods.

you are trading with big funds with their institutional desks led by professionals with many years of market experience and better desks and systems.

To trade with them , you have to be crystal clear on the method you should be employing and you have to have belief in that method with a clear understanding of the rules involved

An analogy from cricket

The business of trading is you getting a chance to play a game of cricket with the big boys on a similar surface and similar timings .

The pitch is the same, the ball is the same only the skill sets are different.

Just imagine , you going to play a game of cricket with Virat and the team who have been training at this for years .

what are your chances against them, if you are untrained and inexperienced?

To trade with the best, you have to be like the best.

You trade with them, like them not against them

Discipline Bhagwan Che

we don’t have the resources like them , but we do have a system of trade management we can follow.

A set of rules which will keep you on the right track when you are right and prevent big accidents when you are wrong

our trade management protocol is at – https://vtrender.com/risk-management-on-calls/

Transparency Rules

Transparency is the No 1 theme of the Vtrender Trading Room.

we learn that from our Orderflow charts, which are actually a replication of the Buying and Selling happening at the exchanges and you get to see all of that on your 14 inch screen

All our trades are taken live and in front of 100’s of skilled and professional traders who know what the business of trading is all about.

we are live.

we don’t do post mortems and bore you with back tests etc. The markets work Live and we follow the same.


Live Trades + Live charts + Live analysis + Live commentary to guide you- all in market hours everyday

To know more pick up a ticket for the Vtrender Trading Room at – https://vtrender.com/pricing/