Performance of the Trading Room in July Series

Here is the performance of the Vtrender Trading Room through the series of July


Tradesheet Jul2021 Performance Of The Trading Room In July Series



We started off slow but build gains through the series.


Our focus is on a process.

Randomness kills traders


But if you follow a system to trade, you are on the right path in the markets.


We work with #MarketProfile to understand market structure and use the information from the #Orderflow to make decisions to enter trades or exit.
You can read more about the MarketProfile here –
It includes common terms we use in understanding the subject.
We have done previous videos on #MarketProfile which you can view at-
To get MarketProfile charts for free visit –
To know more about #Orderflow go here –
We have a live trading room of active traders which works in NSE market hours with live analysis and live trades and live charts of MarketProfile and the Order Flow.
You can check it out at –
The Vtrender Trading room also gives you free access to some proprietary trading strategies based on the MarketProfile and the Orderflow. You can visit the Training Library at –