Performance report of MarketProfile and Orderflow (up 32% again) trading strategies used in the Vtrender Trading Room

The Nifty was up 11.28% in November, which was a highly impressive trend month.

In #MarketProfile we call it a trend month, which means that there was only one player- the Buyers in control of the market and dominated it from Open to Close.

This is highly impressive considering that there was high newsf low at the start of the month with results of the US elections and the return to risk as shown by Buyers was a good performance for the benchmark.


A Vtrender we use the volatility of the market, to out ourselves ahead of the opportunities the markets put before us. We do not trade Month open to Month close or 1 trade a month or even 1 trade a week. We like to take full advantage of the numerous opportunities the markets give us in between the session.

Our strategies returned 31.97% in November.

We did 32.85% in October- Oct Performance

And 22.81% in September. Check this – Sept Performance



How do we manage to maintain this performance?

Simple answer- Our trading strategies and our Orderflow charts.

You can look up our trading strategies at – Trading Strategies

More unique is our Advanced Orderflow Trading system which takes the noise out of decision making.

For most people their definition of a chart is some red and green bars on a chart crossed over by moving averages or trend lines with some “indicators” below to tell them what charts are doing.


Our charts are different. Instead of looking outside the candles or below the candle we look inside the candles to see what Buyers and Sellers are doing.



Most people would not work with charts such as the ones above and reconcile themselves and their accounts to mediocre and poor results.


The Orderflow charts are a decision support tool and enhance decision making at the precise time you are contemplating whether to Buy or Sell or stay away.


These charts are live to Vtrender Premium Room Members every NSE session.


You can check out the Vtrender Premium Room at-